Minoxidil Didn't Work for Me But VEGAMOUR DidMinoxidil Didn't Work for Me But VEGAMOUR Did

Minoxidil Didn't Work for Me But VEGAMOUR Did

Like a lot of mothers, Rheonna Rushing experienced postpartum hair loss. At first she thought what she was experiencing was a regular amount of shedding, but after some doing some research, she knew it was more than that. So she started trying out different popular solutions for thinning hair to no avail. In April she found VEGAMOUR and her results just one month later ... well, it speaks for itself. 

VEGAMOUR Before and After

"I just want to say thank you so much My wedding is in July and I was so stressed I started losing my hair. I ordered your product in April and started on the 1st I took a one-month update photo and I can’t believe my eyes," she said.

Rheonna spoke with VEGAMOUR to discuss what worked for her on her hair wellness journey, what didn't and the advice she has for those going through similar challenges. 

How did your hair loss journey begin?

"My hair loss began after the birth of my daughter. I noticed some extra shedding from the middle of my scalp and around the edges of my scalp. I just thought it was the normal shedding everyone on the mommy blogs spoke about. I tried everything from Rogaine to painful steroid injections with little to no success."

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How long have you been on your hair growth journey and how is it going for you?

"With becoming a new mother and learning how to accept my new mom body, I had to also accept that my hair was not what it used to be and that depressed me the most. I knew with diet and exercise I could bring my body back. But I had no clue as to how my hair would return to its pre-pregnancy state and with little to no proven answers on how to grow my hair back I started to feel hopeless.

I have been on my hair growth journey for 5 years. Since starting VEGAMOUR in April it has been going great I am very happy with my results."

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What changes have made the biggest difference on your hair wellness journey?

"Being consistent has made the biggest difference on my hair journey. Weekly deep steam conditions and using my VEGAMOUR drops once a day has contributed to the growth of my hair tremendously."

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Tell us a bit about your hair wellness routine with VEGAMOUR.

"My hair dresser provided me with the shampoo and conditioner and I purchased the growth drops trio twice since April of this year and they all have worked wonders, not only for the growth of my hair but gives my hair body and shine. It looks and feels healthy from root to tip."

GRO Hair Serum

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What's been your biggest challenge during this time?

"My biggest challenge on my hair wellness journey was the large amount of products that I purchased that offered promise of growth and I had no results. I have spent thousands of dollars on hair growth products and treatments. VEGAMOUR has been the only one to work for me without harsh side effects."

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What advice would you have for someone who is starting their hair growth journey and may be struggling?

"My advice to anyone starting their hair growth journey would be to have patience first and to use the line of VEGAMOUR products consistently. I was told by dermatologist that the hair follicles in my balding areas were scarred and would not return and my photo proof has shown that not to be true. I have to attribute my results to is my patience and consistency."


Photo credit: William Fortunato from Pexels

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