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Hair Story: My Hair Began Thinning in My Early 20s, So I Prioritized Self-Care

Sarah Smith* first noticed her hair thinning in her early 20s. She's admittedly low maintenance but sometimes this turned in not giving herself the care she needed. Between diet and a lack of self care, Sarah noticed her hair thinning at a young age. So she decided to do something about it.

Sarah is putting herself first — prioritizing self-care habits and giving her hair extra love and attention. To help others that may be experiencing something similar, Sarah generously shared her story with the VEGAMOUR community in to shed light on female hair loss. Plus, find out what you can do to maximize your self-care routine.

How did your hair loss journey begin?

"I have been experiencing diffuse hair loss since my early twenties. Never having gone to a doctor, I believe that it is mainly caused by nutrient deficiencies and general neglect (I'm very low maintenance). When I noticed that I couldn't put my hair up in a pony without my scalp showing through, I knew I needed to invest in self care. The more I care for myself and my hair, the more I feel like my old, thick haired self."

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What's been your biggest challenge during this time?

"I am challenged mostly by adopting a healthy self caring routine that I can stick with long term. Often, I simply grow tired of caring for myself and put it on the back burner. I forget how important it is for me to invest that time and energy into myself until I reach a really low point that wakes me up again helps me focus on me again. I'm hoping one day to not have to hit the low point to remember to care for myself."

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How long have you been on your hair growth journey and how is it going for you?

"I have been experiencing hair thinning for over a decade and throughout that time I sporadically put a lot of energy into my hair health for a short time before inevitably falling off the hair wellness wagon. A special shampoo here, a scalp treatment there. But I never developed lasting self care habits. I began to really focus on my hair growth and self care journey last year. The stress of a global pandemic paired with the extra time I found in the day since working from home inspired me to really focus on my wellness. I wanted to focus on developing habits that allowed me to consistently feel love for myself. Hair wellness has been an exciting piece of that."

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What VEGAMOUR products have you used on your hair wellness journey? 

GRO Dry Shampoo

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What results have you seen so far? 

"I've seen overall new growth after about a month. My scalp covered has improved and my dandruff has cleared up completely."

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What motivated you to take the next step on your hair journey?

"It was just time. Time to focus on caring for myself so that I could be the best version of me."

What changes have made the biggest difference on your hair wellness journey?

"Awareness has been a big piece for me. Once I decided to focus on wellness, hair health included, I simply became more aware of how terribly I had been treating it. What I always thought was low maintenance was actually just neglect. Now I'm aware of how I treat my hair and I feel really good about using the GRO Hair Serum. It is so good for my hair and so good for my self esteem!"

What habits are you prioritizing to achieve the healthy hair you want? 

"I 100% am habitualizing VEGAMOUR products into my self care routine. I have been blown away by the progress I have seen in the health and fullness of my hair which only reinforces my desire to make it a habit. I feel good when I use it!"

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What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with their hair growth journey?

"Take a deep breath. It's easy to panic, fixate, or lose hope along the way. We often feel our hair is our crown, our beauty. But take a deep breath and remember that the best way to move through this journey is to focus on loving yourself unconditionally."

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Tell us a bit about your hair wellness routine with VEGAMOUR.

"I use the GRO Hair Serum during my bedtime care routine. After completing my skin care regimen and taking my vitamins, I apply the serum with dry hair and massage it in. I like applying it at bedtime to let the serum really soak in while I sleep and my hair looks great in the morning.

I'm using the GRO Hair Serum nightly during my bedtime self love routine. First it's skin care then hair care. It has been an easy and simple addition that has inspired confidence, hope, and empowerment within."

GRO Hair Serum

*Indicates names have been changed.


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