Hair Story: A Traumatic Brain Injury Left Me With No HairHair Story: A Traumatic Brain Injury Left Me With No Hair

Hair Story: A Traumatic Brain Injury Left Me With No Hair

Alice West’s* hair journey starts with an injury — a traumatic brain injury, which led to multiple surgeries, shaving her head and starting her hair growth from scratch. 

She tried various recommendations from her doctors and information she researched online. Eventually, Alice started using GRO Hair Serum and that's where her hair wellness journey with VEGAMOUR began. Alice generously shared her hair journey with us to shed light on female hair loss and growth. 

How did your hair loss journey begin?

"I had a Traumatic Brain Injury, which resulted in several surgeries that required shaving off my hair. When it grew back, it was thin and I lost a lot of it every time I showered or even brushed my hair. I tried many different treatments, none of which worked. I believe VEGAMOUR is helping me to keep more of my hair on my head."

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How long have you struggled with hair loss?

"I started losing my hair after major surgery to install a ventriculoperitoneal shunt in my head. It has been going on for about 10 years. At first I lost all my hair, which grew back but afterwards it kept on shedding (a lot) every day, every time I showered or brushed my hair."

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What's been your biggest challenge during this time?

"Not knowing what treatment to use, and doctors not knowing either. I went to a number of different kinds of doctors to see what I could do about my hair loss. One of them said I should use Rogaine, which I tried but after reading about the scary side effects I decided not to continue."

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What changes have made the biggest difference on your hair wellness journey?

"I use VEGAMOUR GRO Hair Serum every morning when I wake up. The Vegamour hair serum has made the biggest difference. I have tried many different shampoos and there doesn't seem to be one that actually helps by itself. I don't blow dry or style my hair. I think I need to focus on my diet next, because it might help."

GRO Hair Serum

What kind of results have you seen so far?

"My hair seems fuller and less is falling out."

What motivated you to take the next step on your hair journey?

"I researched online and found VEGAMOUR, which seemed like a safe alternative to Rogaine, so I thought I may as well try it out and see if it helped. I still lose some hair but not as much, and it looks fuller now."

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What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with their hair growth journey?

"Don't give up! It is possible to get healthier hair, even if it may not be what it once was."

*Indicates name has been changed.


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