If you’ve spent hours gazing in the mirror, wishing you could have your virgin eyebrows back, we feel you. Teenage Tweezers, unite! We remember the first time we went crazy with our first tweezers, attacking that unibrow and those strays. Who hasn’t over-plucked at one point? Or perhaps you were extra unlucky, your teenage years coinciding with the era of pencil-thin brows.

While we can’t turn back time, we can grow our eyebrows back. Follow these five easy steps to bring back those youthful brows you haven’t seen in years.


The experts we know and love recommend leaving eyebrows be for at least two months before reshaping whatsoever. So toss the tweezer, or at least set it aside for now, and resist the urge pluck.(Yes, not even that one annoying hair that seems way off course.) Let them be!


Just as seeds grow better in fertilized soil, hair grows better in healthy skin. So prep your skin--cleanse, tone and, more importantly, moisturize it--for maximum hair growth and encourage healthy follicles. For utmost moisture, we can’t live without our Pure Marula Oil. Just apply a few drops in your palm, then use your fingertips to massage the oil all over your face. With high oleic acid content, this super-oil penetrates deeper than any other face oil, sealing in moisture and repairing past damage.


To help your eyebrows grow back faster, you’ll need a nutrient-rich eyebrow serum to nourish your hair follicles. Enter our signature vegaBROW Volumizing Serum. While you may have heard of Vegamour’s lash growth serum, did you know we have a formula just for brows? There’s a reason this is the fastest-growing brow line in the world! Just swipe along the brow line once in the morning and once in the evening and you should see visible growth around 30 days! And you can feel good using the products every day knowing they are plant-based, hormone-free, and toxin-free, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin.

eyebrow serum that works


We know you’re anxious for that coveted full brow look. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Available in three perfectly matchable colors, select a vegaBROW Tinted Volumizing Gel that best suits you. This beauty must-have will help shape and place your brows for a look as bold as you desire. The best part? This tinted gel is infused with vegaBROW Serum. So while it enhances your look for the day, it also works overtime, nourishing your brows for long-term effects.


Committing to your new brow routine takes effort. Make sure you’re set up for success and baby those brows. When removing your makeup, opt for an oil-free makeup remover (we love ours!) and wipe gently with a cotton ball, pad, or square.

How vegaBROW Serum Works

Many wonder, “does an eyebrow serum actually work?” The short answer is yes. Not only has vegaBROW’s vegan eyebrow serum been proven effective in clinical trials, it’s also outperformed the chemical competition in timing and growth! Our serums feature bio-active phytomolecules that naturally open up and restore the communication channels between your dermal papilla and your follicles, enabling growth stimulation. The longer your follicles receive these signals, the more time they have to grow and volumize. The more active follicles you have, the denser your hair becomes. Simultaneously, our formulas are strengthening the roots for less fallout or breakage. It’s a win-win!

vegabrow eyebrow growth serum

What’s in vegaBROW Serum?

vegaBROW features two natural active ingredients to help your eyebrows grow back:

Mung Bean - strengthens the connection to the hair follicle, for less fallout

Red Clover - stimulates follicles for growth We know how important brows are to a face and we’re just here to help you feel great.

We’ve even created some custom Brow Plans to help you save big! Pick the plan that works best for you, and sign up for a monthly subscription to save even more. Get growing! And don’t forget to show off those perfect brows and tag us @VEGAMOUR.