The big day is finally here—you open your mailbox and see your package of Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum has safely arrived. Hooray! You eagerly remove the plastic seal, read the label, and begin applying the best-selling formula to your scalp. Suddenly, you’re left wondering, “Did I apply it correctly?” Friend, we’re here to tell you that you are not alone! Whether you’re using GRO Hair Serum for the first time or the seventh time, it’s never too late to learn the correct way to apply.

Below, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions on this topic, as well as a few extra gems we think you should know!

1. How Do I Properly Apply GRO Hair Serum?

First things first, part your hair into 6-8 small sections, starting from the forehead going directly back. Focus on trouble areas first (i.e. bald spots, thinning edges, etc.), then proceed applying the product to the rest of your scalp. This, of course, will vary by individual and not necessarily be equivalent to a full dropper. The goal is to get the serum onto the scalp, where it can work its magic, so be sure to massage the scalp with your fingertips after application. This will help to increase circulation, so you’ll also get better results!


2. The Directions Say to Use a Dropperful, But How Much Do I Need to Apply?

A little goes a long way! As long as you’ve covered your problem areas first, you should be fine with the amount you have yielded in the dropper. For most people, this will be equivalent to one to two dropperfuls. Please note that your hair texture and length will also factor into how much you end up using (for example, those with finer, thinner strands may end up using less product). Also, since our GRO Hair Serum is lightweight, you don’t have to worry about product buildup.


3. Can I Use It on the Days I Don't Wash My Hair? And What if I Use Dry Shampoo Those Days?

Yes, you can definitely use it on non-wash days. It’s best applied to towel-dry or fully dry hair. This water-based formula is lightweight and won’t make your hair feel greasy or look oily. We definitely suggest using the serum prior to applying other products like dry shampoo.


4. When I Wash My Hair, Do I Apply When My Hair is Wet or Dry?

We recommend applying the serum to towel-dry or dry hair for best results.


5. Is it Safe for Color-treated Hair? And If I Just Got it Colored, Do I Have to Wait a Few Days Before Using the Serum?

Yes, since this formula is plant-based, it is safe to use on color-treated hair and will not strip your color. There is no waiting period when using this product.


6. How Long Should I Use This Serum for Best Results?

When used consistently once daily, most see results within 3 months, with peak results appearing at month 4 and beyond. We suggest continuing use of our serum daily after achieving desired results to maintain healthy growth and prevent excessive shedding.