VEGAMOUR introduces a $19.95 lash restoration Starter Kit!


VEGAMOUR has taken the beauty world by storm with their ground-breaking, natural and vegan lash and brow products that are clinically tested to work faster and more effectively than many of today's leading pharmaceutical brands.

"We saw an opportunity to educate customers about why those hair growth products, that although drive results, are just not good for you. We spend so much money going to the gym, buying organic food and bottled water yet, our eyes don’t deserve the same type of healthy attention?"
- Christina Zeigler, Co-Founder

This scrappy, LA-based startup has compelled tens of thousands of women to swap out their old expensive, hormone-driven serums for the vegaLASH promise of thicker, fuller lashes, naturally and affordably.
And now, they are going full throttle into the lash restoration universe by creating a starter kit featuring four lash products. When used daily and together, the vegaLASH Volumizing Serum, Mascara, Multi-Tasking Primer and Gentle Oil-Free Make Up Remover revive, restore, treat and volumize your lashes naturally AND effectively.
VEGAMOUR stands behind the performance of their products as evidenced not only by tremendous customer reviews but also their 100% performance guarantee. If after 30 days, you don’t start to see progression in your lash restoration journey, they will work with you to customize a VEGAMOUR Lash Plan that makes more sense for you and your lifestyle. And oh of course, they will most definitely refund your money also as part of the 100% performance guarantee.
In keeping with their company mission to always put the customer first, they believe in providing clinically proven vegan products with measurable results and an amazing customer experience.
"We know for some customers, seeing is believing. And if offering a VEGAMOUR Lash Starter Kit that features our best products providing maximum results at a vastly reduced price in order to build trust, especially where beauty loyalty is hard to penetrate, we are more than happy to do this. If community is one of our pillars, this feels like a good investment in building that foundation."
- Daniel Hodgdon, Co-Founder & CEO

VEGAMOUR was formed out of need. Sure, there are other lash and brow growth products on the market, but VEGAMOUR's founders discovered that these products were packed with scary hormones and nasty synthetics that you don’t want anywhere on your body, let alone next to your eyes! VEGAMOUR’s mission? To create products with powerful, natural bio-actives that were not only capable of helping lashes and brows to flourish, but were also free of nasty ingredients and their alarming side-effects. And, boy, did they succeed.

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