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our story

beauty beyond the surface

We're a small company with a big heart, choosing to do the right thing.

unlock the possible

Your body already knows what to do. Vegamour just helps it remember how. Awaken and nurture your natural potential.

natural actives

100% vegan. No animal hormones. Clinical studies prove it’s not only as effective as the hormone-derived alternatives, but it’s more effective.


This isn’t magic. We’re one of the only companies in the industry that can tell you exactly how our products work.

our story

a small team with a personal approach based in downtown los angeles.

At VEGAMOUR, we were inspired to find a safer way to battle hair loss - from the loss of lashes & brows to thinning hair on your scalp. Helping your body restore its natural processes, our Volumizing Serums have created an opportunity for restoration, discovery and hope. We found a better way:


  • A way to bring natural and vegan ingredients together and create products with efficacy that, in clinical studies, outperform those produced by BIG PHARMA
  • A way to bypass the BIG RETAILER barrier by creating a community and journey directly with the customer
  • A way to combat hair loss by bringing nature and science together
  • A way for women to re-discover, celebrate and embrace their inner beauty wherever they may be in their journies



connecting strength and beauty with social impact


VEGAMOUR today stands for inner beauty, inner strength, tenacity, persistence and community. Proudly, the team has committed to partnering with suppliers and non-profit organizations that stand for those same pillars.

Many of our key actives and ingredients are produced by female-owned & operated businesses and co-ops.

Southern Botanica, our sister company who produces the precious marula oil we use in our products, provides Fair Trade jobs to over 5,000 women in northern Namibia each year. Our goal, with Southern Botanica, is to expand the number of job opportunities to 20,000 by 2020. As part of our social mission, VEGAMOUR is partnering with Southern Botanica to fund a tree planting program in northern Namibia that will help grow 30,000 mango trees over a ten year period in drought-stricken communities without access to fresh fruit.



our team and the culture that makes it happen


At VEGAMOUR, we want to be transparent, fair, honest, open and kind. It is our intention to bring those five values into everything we do, every day as best we can. To keep ourselves in check, we do reflect on what we are doing, how we are doing it and who is impacted.

Regularly, we think about our customer journey.

How do these values translate back to the customer experience? How does the customer experience advise our values? How do our values relate back to Grow With Love?

The answer to all of these questions is easy. The challenge is building practices that we feel we can embody and carry through the majority of the time.


the practice


  • Weekly, we meet and we talk about how we can DO more FOR our customers, not how can we GET more FROM our customers. These meetings happen in Operations, Marketing, Finance and in Technology. In other words, all functions at VEGAMOUR get asked the same questions.
  • Before we launch new features and new products, we do a value assessment to pressure test our commitment to ourselves and our customers.
  • We invite and embrace feedback throughout the organization especially when it is something we think is difficult to hear or change.


We know there is more work to be done. We know this journey is a long one. But isn’t that why we are here…to do more work, to notice the progress, to feel the strength, to not be discouraged by the setbacks and to love all that is part of our GROWTH?


Not only does the product work and I love how my lashes look but I got a gift with hand written thank you note...

Bronwynne on June 3

I went from wearing false eyelashes to being very happy with my own after using VegaLash. I am very pleased with this product!!

Alicia on May 1

I’ve tried other serums- RapidLash, GrandeLash, Peter Roth- and VegaLASH definitely works the best!

Tassey on March 28

I love this product! My eyelashes look so amazing ! I don't necessarily have to wear mascara anymore cause my eyelashes look natural beautiful now!

Pia M. on September 3

I am so excited and very pleased with vegaLASH! ! I am a holistic health practitioner and a medical aesthetician, and suggest vegaLASH to all of my patients. Thank you vegaLASH!

Susan on March 29

I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my lashes back! I love, love, LOVE this product!!

Jenny on April 12


“A regrowth serum like VegaBrow will help bulk up those brows quicker.”

“Here’s an option that’s formulated with vegan ingredients. A combination of zinc and biotin work together to help you achieve healthier brows within two weeks...”

“We’re obsessed with this. Once you go natural you never go back.”

our team