Madie Wilkes - VEGAMOUR Before & AfterMadie Wilkes - VEGAMOUR Before & After

How Influencer Madie Wilkes Tackled Postpartum Hair Thinning

To some Madie Wilkes is one of their favorite influencers but to her two kids she's just "Mom." And it was her journey into motherhood that also led her to experience hair thinning postpartum. She is now an advocate for hair health and hopes to inspire women all over the world to love themselves more by creating self-care habits.

VEGAMOUR spoke with Madie about her hair journey, her new healthy hair habits and what products have made the biggest difference on her hair journey.

Tell us a bit about your hair journey.

"I remember right after having my son feeling so empowered from giving birth, but soon the postpartum reality settled in and I slowly started losing confidence in my ability to take care of myself on top of another HUMAN BEING! I didn’t think that would ever happen to me. I wanted to feel like myself again so bad.

One of my main sources of confidence is my hair. It’s my thing! But I lost a lot of it. I had postpartum thinning, bald spots, and it was so short and globs would literally come out in the shower when I would brush it.

I remember experimenting with all kinds of extensions and colors to try and bring more life into my life, but soon realized I was pretty much 'band-aiding' my hair problems to try to feel more confident. I never really saw a light at the end of the tunnel for a true hair transformation until I found out about VEGAMOUR. It was introduced to me at a time where I finally found some direction towards self-love and started becoming more health-conscious and aware of what is going into my body.

I started using it consistently in January 2021 and it has officially been 6 months since I started using VEGAMOUR! I can’t get over how easy my new hair growth habits are and I won’t ever be looking back! It’s only up from here with my hair transformation!! I feel so blessed to have found this brand and that I can finally say I am more confident than ever and I’m going to have the hair of my dreams for my wedding…without extensions!!"

VEGAMOUR Before & After

Which VEGAMOUR products are your favorites?

"My favorite Vegamour Products are (starting with my FAVORITE!): GRO Hair SerumGRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum and the scalp massager. I keep the scalp massager in my shower and use it every day when I am conditioning my hair to get the blood circulating and promote healthy growth. I use the GRO Hair Serum in my nighttime routine after I brush my teeth and I use the scalp detoxifying serum once a week to clarify the scalp so my VEGAMOUR products really dive deep into the hair follicles!"
GRO Hair Serum

What lifestyle changes have made the biggest difference for your hair? 

"For me, it was hard to commit to a whole new hair routine and new habits. I loved having extensions! It was my dream hair every day! But the hair depression was setting in, and each time I went back to my hairstylist, it would be thinner and thinner on top of the postpartum [thinning] (stress made it worse too). SO I finally cut the extensions out! I knew it was time. My now fiancé proposed on Christmas 2020 and as soon as I started thinking about a wedding and walking down the aisle I knew I wanted my hair to be completely transformed! I found an exciting goal to go after and made small habits so it would be attainable. After 30 days of using Vegamour, I quickly realized this was something I could easily keep up with. I knew eventually results had to come and now here I am with MY OWN INCHES!"

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What kind of results have you experienced?

"Results I always saw on everyone else but never thought I would see on myself. I am that testimonial now!!"

What advice would you have for someone who is struggling on their hair growth journey?

"Time is going to pass no matter what, so it might as well be benefiting you in the long run! Making a long-term hair goal (wedding hair) helped me to get excited in the first place and the decision to choose myself first every day is what keeps me using Vegamour. I truly love myself more now! They say success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations, so stay consistent! :)" 


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