GRO+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit

GRO+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit


Combo Kit: 1 GRO+ Advanced Lash & 1 GRO+ Advanced Brow Volumizing Serum

Try both of our NEW formulas featuring Vegamour’s original best-selling lash and brow serums with the GRO+ power benefit of full-spectrum hemp. Starting with the same plant-based formula of our beloved original Vegalash & Vegabrow Serums, we enhanced the formula further with the addition of full-spectrum hemp oil, which allows our actives, mung bean and red clover, to penetrate even more effectively while soothing your lash and brow base all at once. Think of it as the greenhouse you need to give your lashes that extra love and your brows that extra boost.

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What’s inside
GRO+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit
GRO+ Advanced Lash Serum
GRO+ Advanced Lash Serum
0.10 FL OZ
We’ve fortified our best-selling, vegan lash serum with power of micro-encapsulated, full-spectrum CBD to create a healthy environment for longer, thicker-looking lashes.**
GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum
GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum
0.10 FL OZ
GRO+ Brow Serum takes your brow game to a whole new level with microencapsulated, full-spectrum CBD.
Results Without Compromise
Seeing is believing. VEGAMOUR formulas are designed to improve the look of longer, denser, healthier hair. Clinicially tested ingredients have been shown in some participants in studies to promote
After 4 months
  • up to 50% greater density
  • up to 76% less shedding
“Here’s an option that’s formulated with vegan ingredients.”
“It’s rare to find a product that really does what it promises, but that’s what this serum is for me…”
“Will leave you fuller hair, Thanks to the valumizing serum”
Key ingredients
Vegan Phyto-Actives
mung bean
Shown in clinical studies to strenthen the dermal papillae
Clinically shown to help lengthen the hair’s growth phase, also called the anagen phase
red clover
Clinically shown to inhibit DHT production
Clinically shown to reduce inflamation and improve blood circulation
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The GRO Hair Routine

Consistency is key to achieve and maintain growth results. Subscribe today to stay on top of your hair wellness routine for the most optimal results and enjoy these exclusive perks:

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The GRO Hair Routine
The GRO Hair Routine
Just the facts
How soon can I expect to see results from the Volumizing Hair Serum?
Results vary by individual. Follow the instructions carefully and you can expect visible results by month 3, with full effect around month 4.
Why does it take so much longer to see results with this product than the vegaLASH or vegaBROW products?
Hair grows in cycles, and the growth cycle for lashes and brows lasts months, whereas the hair cycle takes years. Because the cycle is so much longer, results take longer to appear.
*All testimonials are by real people and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
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