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This Is the Best Volumizing Shampoo

Fine strands are often quick to dry and easy to manage — unlike thick hair, which can make wash day feel like a mountainous task. On the flip side, fine hair can look limp, lacking fullness and volume.

If you have fine or thinning hair, volumizing shampoos might be the solution you've been looking for. But what does a volumizing shampoo actually do? Discover how volumizing shampoos work — plus, find out what shampoo you should be using to encourage thicker, fuller looking hair.

What Is a Volumizing Shampoo?

Thin hair can easily become oily and flat. However, a good volumizing shampoo can help maximize the volume, moisture and shine of your strands by plumping up each hair on your head via protein and humectants — all without product buildup. And if you're struggling with thinning or limp hair, the best volumizing shampoos will promote fuller, thicker and longer-looking locks without causing damage.

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What to Avoid in a Volumizing Shampoo

If you browse the aisles of the drugstore, you'll likely see a variety of volumizing shampoo formulas. However, many of these products have harsh ingredients that can cause dry hair or product buildup. For example, silicones are commonly used in shampoos to help reduce frizz. Unfortunately, they can create buildup and clog hair follicles, which can result in hair loss.

Sulfates are also found in many shampoos because they create a sudsy lather. However, they can strip your skin and hair of natural oils, causing irritation. There's no direct evidence linking sulfates to serious health issues, but those with sensitive skin might want to take a more gentle approach.

A sulfate-free shampoo can reduce scalp irritation, reduce frizz and help the hair maintain its natural oils. Because they're more gentle, they're perfect for color-treated hair and the hair's overall health. And healthy hair will often appear fuller and thicker.

Tips To Add Volume

Thin, fine, flat hair can leave you feeling less than your best. Apply these hair care tips to turn up the volume of your look:

Chop It Off

If you have fine hair, the longer it gets, the thinner it will look. It will often lay close to the scalp as the longer lengths drag it down, so even a couple of inches off the ends will lighten the load. To increase your fine hair's body, keep the hair's length above the collarbone. A long bob could work perfectly, but talk to a trusted hairdresser for personal advice.

Add Hair Color

Adding hair color can give the illusion of more volume. Adding various shades introduces depth and contrast to increase dimension making the strands appear thicker. Talk to your hairdresser about specific placement to add body.

Long But Not Limp

If you love the look of long hair but worry you'll lose out on volume, you could try switching up your part. When you part your hair the same way for an extended period, it will naturally lay flatter. Instead, try a side or middle part to encourage movement.

Adding bangs might also give long fine hair depth by creating the illusion of fullness. Work with your hairstylist to layer bangs in a way that will flatter your face perfectly.

Use a Volumizing Shampoo

When choosing a volumizing shampoo, avoid sulfate- and silicone-laden formulas that have the potential to clog pores, irritate sensitive skin or leave stubborn product buildup behind. Instead, look for formulas that revitalize the scalp and are made with natural ingredients that target follicles beneath the scalp's surface to encourage fuller, thicker-looking hair.

VEGAMOUR's GRO Revitalizing Shampoois the perfect pick. It contains powerful plant-based ingredients, like mung bean, red clover and curcumin, that target the hair follicles to encourage visibly thicker, fuller looking hair. It also contains our proprietary Karmatin™, a 100% vegan silk protein that helps smooth, strengthen and restore damaged hair follicles while providing unparalleled shine, body and softness to strands. Unlike animal-derived keratin, Karmatin™ remains attached to strands even after you've rinsed, allowing the hair to appear gorgeously healthy and full of volume. In addition, the wild-harvested marula, baobab and ximenia oils help to nourish and moisturize locks without leaving behind any pore-blocking residue.

GRO Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Choose Lightweight Conditioners

Fine hair can be especially susceptible to knots and tangles, so using a good conditioner is essential. Lightweight conditioners won't drag your locks down. In general, you should only apply your conditioner to the bottom two-thirds of your hair only because applying it at the roots will minimize volume. Not so with VEGAMOUR conditioners; we recommend applying them to the scalp because of their powerful, phyto-active benefits.

Avoid Hot, Hot Heat

Blow drying, curling or straightening fine hair after every wash will create brittle, shine-free locks that break easily. If possible, air dry as much as possible and avoid rubbing wet hair harshly with a rough towel after washing.

Opt for a Salon Blow-Dry on Occasion

Taking a trip to the salon every time you want to wash your hair probably isn't the most budget-friendly approach, but a great blow-dry can last for days, even on oily hair.

Pick Dry Shampoo Carefully

Dry shampoo is considered a quick fix for oily hair that needs extra volume — it's the perfect solution for when you don't have time to wash your hair with water. Unfortunately, many formulas contain ingredients that dry out hair and leave it looking ravaged and damaged. Instead, opt for a volumizing dry shampoo, which contains plant-based ingredients that balance the scalp and add texture.

Volume Up

When it comes to keeping fine hair looking full, thick and gorgeously luscious, it's important to choose a shampoo that plumps up your existing strands with natural, kind ingredients that work. VEGAMOUR products have been carefully designed to encourage thicker, fuller looking hair. Each product contains only natural, vegan ingredients, and when used alongside a 360º approach to hair wellness, fine or thinning hair will start to appear gloriously voluminous!

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