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9 Hair Problems Moms Deal With Daily

Having children can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have in their lifetime. But ask any mom, and she’ll tell you, all that wonder can come with some serious beauty compromises!

In honor of Mother’s Day, here's how to resolve nine hair problems moms deal with daily — plus, what products you really should be using to achieve thicker, healthier hair

1. Mommy’s Little Stylist

It can be a heart-melting moment when your little ones want to help you style your hair, but those tiny hands can cause serious tangles! When you have pint-sized stylists ready to pitch in, offer them a creative alternative by inviting them to help choose your outfit from a variety of pre-selected options or allowing them to add a bobby pin or clip to your finished ‘do. 

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2. Up-All-Night Tangles

From baby’s sleepless nights to small children’s nightmares, getting up and down all night long is a reality for most moms, which can lead to tangled tresses, as well as wearing you out! To save your strands, sleep in a bonnet or protective hairstyle to cut back on tension and tangling as you get in and out of bed.

3. Shower Scheduling Issues

Remember the days when you could wash your hair whenever you wanted? If you have little ones underfoot, grabbing a relaxing shower when you need it can seem like a near-impossible luxury, forcing you to space out wash days more than you would like. Try a fresh-smelling dry shampoo designed to combat thinning hair. Even your dirtiest hair look and smell clean with very little effort!

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4. Postpartum Hair Loss

One of the most common hair issues new moms face is postpartum hair loss. As your estrogen levels decrease, hair shed can ramp up, leading to thinning, lackluster strands. Get your groove back with VEGAMOUR’s cult-favorite GRO Hair Serum, which is designed to support the growth of thicker, fuller-looking hair with minimal fuss or muss. Best of all? It’s based on vegan phtyo-actives and formulated with clean ingredients, so you can feel safe applying it around your little ones. 

5. The Eternal Presence of Mystery Gunk

Kids stay sticky for far longer than most non-parents would imagine! Whether it’s the peanut butter-coated hands of a second grader or a baby dripping mystery goo, children can cause sticky situations for your strands. Keep your hair in a low pony to keep it out of harm's way, or pop on a trendy (washable!) headscarf for an extra layer of protection.

6. Using Baby’s Beauty Products

When you do find a moment to wash your hair, it’s tempting to grab whatever random bottle of tear-free shampoo you find lying around the bathroom, but it’s important to resist! While these types of products are great for little ones, baby beauty products are designed for skin that has less of a lipid barrier, making baby shampoo less effective for adults. 

7. Little Hands Pulling Hair

Long hair can be an object of fascination to little ones, who seem to like nothing more than grabbing your tresses and giving them a good yank. But aside from hurting, a baby pulling on your hair can cause breakage, contributing to follicle damage. Protect your strands by picking up a headband to keep tempting length out of reach.

8. No Time for Old Routines

Before baby, you had your hair care routine perfected! But these days, you just don’t have the time. The key to healthy hair is investing in products that do as much work with as little effort as possible, like this hands-off hair mask that delivers maximum moisture to your strands while you sleep. Simply rinse off in the morning and go about your busy day!

9. The Snack Bag Diet

You only feed your kids the best, healthiest food, but you might often find yourself scrounging for calories, making a meal out of a few handfuls of goldfish crackers or a rejected bowl of organic mac-and-cheese, which can cause nutritional gaps that stress out your strands. Make sure to take the time to nourish your body to prevent hair shed — and also because you’re worth it!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day By Caring for Yourself and Your Hair

However you chose to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, carve out some time to give yourself and your hair a bit of well-deserved TLC. But don’t stop there. Commit to taking a holistic approach to your hair’s health every day of the year by eating right, hydrating, getting enough sleep, keeping stress in check and using plant-based, cruelty-free hair products that encourage fuller, thicker-looking hair. We promise you deserve it, and your hair will thank you, too!


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