VEGAMOUR Celebrates Partnership With STRIIIKE Salon!VEGAMOUR Celebrates Partnership With STRIIIKE Salon!

VEGAMOUR Celebrates Partnership With STRIIIKE Salon!

At an exclusive event at STRIIIKE Salon on November 15, VEGAMOUR announced its newest collaboration with the salon, which is now the first salon in the world to hold VEGAMOUR's full collection in-house in Beverly Hills. With the latest science and technology utilizing vegan ingredients for salon-quality results, the partnership is a match made in hair heaven!

Founded by sisters Ashley Streicher, Jenn Streicher, and Kristie Streicher, STRIIIKE believes in hair wellness and health, an ideal partner to house VEGAMOUR's array of products designed to target hair thinning, graying, and overall hair wellness.

Streicher is a familiar face at VEGAMOUR as a hair wellness expert  for all things hair styling and salon treatments. She is a well-known celebrity stylist, frequently styling the hair of Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway and other A-listers.

To celebrate this newfound relationship, VEGAMOUR and STRIIIKE hosted beauty and wellness influencers such as Sarah Palmyra, Yanina Oyarzo, Jules Aurora, and more to demonstrate the power of plant-based actives found in VEGAMOUR’s shampoos, conditioners, scalp serums and more!

VEGAMOUR’s full collection of GRO, GRO+, and GRO AGELESS products will be available for purchase at STRIIIIKE Salon, located in Beverly Hills.

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