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VEGAMOUR Volumizing Hair Serum

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There are many causes for hair thinning or loss and we've got the solution. Stop hiding the problem and start fixing it! We've taken our proprietary plant-based, cruelty-free formula and enhanced it with powerful new phyto-actives known to inhibit DHT production, extend the hair's growth phase, protect and strengthen the roots to bring you thicker, fuller hair. Stimulate your follicles without harsh chemicals, carcinogens or scary side effects. Visibly increase hair density up to 50%, while reducing loss from combing and washing by up to 76% by month four!  

  • Safe for everyday use, with no known toxins or hormones
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Visible results in as soon as 90 days, with peak results around 120
  • Return any time, for any reason*


water/aqua/eau, butylene glycol, alcohol denat. glycerin, caffeine, polysorbate 20, curcuma longa (tumeric) callus conditioned media, panthenol, disodium edta, limonene, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) peel oil, trifolium pratense (clover) seed extract, vigna radiata seed extract, sodium benzoate, linalool, potassium sorbate, gluconolactone, biotin, citral, calcium gluconate, oligopeptide-2.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1. Establish a routine. We recommend applying VEGAMOUR Volumizing Hair Serum twice daily for the first two months, then switching to once daily, in the morning or evening.

2. Towel dry wet hair or apply to dry hair.

3. Test pump in palm before first use, to release air.

4. Divide longer hair into sections prior to application; shorter hair may be parted.

5. Spray each section 2-3 times along the part, approximately 4-6 inches from scalp, and massage into scalp with fingertips.

6. Let dry and style as desired. This is a leave-in formula; do not rinse.

7. On non-wash days, apply to dry hair in the morning or evening.

8. Replace your VEGAMOUR Hair Serum every two months for freshness, safety, and best performance.


How soon can I expect to see results from the Volumizing Hair Serum?

Results vary by individual. Follow the instructions carefully and you can expect visible results by month 3, with full effect around month 4.

Why does it take so much longer to see results with this product than the vegaLASH or vegaBROW products?

Hair grows in cycles, and the growth cycle for lashes and brows lasts months, whereas the hair cycle takes years. Because the cycle is so much longer, results take longer to appear.

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