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Grow and Glow

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Includes 1 Pure Marula Oil and 1 Volumizing Hair Serum

Get two of our newest and best products in one must-have duo! Dewy skin and fuller hair await, thanks to VEGAMOUR's powerful, natural formulas. Begin and end your day with a focus on you. In a few short months, our Volumizing Hair Serum will have transformed your hair, leaving you with fuller, stronger locks. And while that amazing head of hair will keep you smiling, a few drops of Marula Oil make for that coveted glowing skin. It’s as if we’ve bottled the fountain of youth!

Expert tip: if your locks are dry or frizzy, or need little love, add a few drops of Marula Oil for the perfect gloss.

$98.00 USD

$98.00 USD


what's inside

There are many causes for hair thinning or loss and we've got the solution. Stop hiding the problem and start fixing it! We’ve taken our proprietary plant-based, cruelty-free formula and enhanced it with powerful new phyto-actives known to inhibit DHT production, extend the hair’s growth phase, protect and strengthen the roots to bring you thicker, fuller hair. Stimulate your follicles without harsh chemicals, carcinogens or scary side effects. Visibly increase hair density up to 50%, while reducing loss from combing and washing by up to 76% by month four!


blocks hair-damaging DHT


lengthens the hair’s growth phase


increases the density of hair roots

Sometimes there exists in nature a formula so perfect, it can do (almost) anything. Marula Oil is our go-to. Extracted from "pip" of Marula tree fruit without any additives, this clean, luxurious oil is naturally packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. It absorbs quickly and dries matte. For daily skincare, the oil will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while adding a healthy glow. Beyond everyday use, the oil is perfect for soothing razor burn, even taming flyaway hairs. A few drops are all it takes to moisturize, replenish and glow.


soothes, moisturizes, and protects

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