A Beauty Editor's Workout Hair Routine With VEGAMOURA Beauty Editor's Workout Hair Routine With VEGAMOUR

A Beauty Editor's Workout Hair Routine With VEGAMOUR

As a beauty editor and yoga instructor, my schedule revolves around routines. Prioritizing my personal care and workouts, along with teaching classes, are integral for my overall wellness — including that of my hair!

Read on for my favorite ways to make it a “good hair day” each day, even when there’s a workout on the horizon. Wondering how? It starts by planning out a comprehensive workout hair care routine. Plus, discover what workout-approved products keep my hair feeling and looking its best.

My “Mane” Workout Priorities

Daily movement is a must for me. Yet, what that looks like varies from day to day. The brain craves change, and the body, skin and hair also get a much-needed boost from mixing things up. 

That means making the most of what you do for your hair before, during and after a workout so important. Strategizing is key — both when it comes to effective workouts and tress success! 

Mindful Movement Priority 1: Plan Ahead

Whether I have an early morning workout or am teaching a class, taking the time at night to prep saves precious time and means I can maintain my self-care rituals.

Each night, I lay out an outfit and pack my gym bag with all the essentials, including GRO Dry ShampooI also place my GRO Lash Serum and GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum right next to my bag so I can apply them before heading out the door.

Mindful Movement Priority 2: Make Dry Shampoo a Staple

Dry shampoo is great for reviving post-workout or day-old hair, but it also goes beyond acting only as an afterthought! I like to make GRO Dry Shampoo part of my pre-workout routine and while I exercise. Yes, you read that right!

First, I gently mist it all around my crown, concentrating on the oily areas such as the roots. Next, I either loosely braid or gather my long hair into a low, loose pony and secure it with a satin hair tie. If it’s an especially sweaty cardio activity, I wrap a satin hair wrap around the entire style for extra protection. 

Formulated with the same proprietary blend of phyto-active ingredients found in GRO Hair Serum, this do-it-all dry shampoo absorbs excess oils, odors and sweat. It’s also ultra-lightweight and free of synthetic fragrances. It’s my secret weapon for refreshing, texturizing and volumizing, which is why I use it both before and during my workout!

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Mindful Movement Priority 3: Build Body After Your Workout 

When I have something planned post-workout and want my hair to look its voluminous best, I pair the dry shampoo with body-boosting GRO Hair Foam for a double dose of texturizing, volumizing benefits. Its mousse-like texture applies like a dream and never leaves a sticky buildup.

Mindful Movement Priority 4: Stress Your Hair & Scalp Less 

Repetitive stress or added weight can damage strands and irritate the skin. Rather than dealing with damage down the road, I nix any too-tight hairstyles, such as a high, slicked-back top knot or pony, that might lead to hair thinning or loss down the road. Instead, I opt for loose styles or braids.

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Mindful Movement Priority 5: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration is essential for whole-body wellness. Always carry a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up every chance you get. I love adding lemon or berries for extra flavor.

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Mindful Movement Priority 6: Reset With a Detox

Working up a sweat can help enhance blood circulation and oxygen within the scalp, which is a necessity for healthy hair follicles. Wellness begins from within, and healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. I’m super diligent with my skincare routine and make an effort to use clean ingredients. That’s why once a week, I like to use GRO Scalp Detoxifying Treatment to eliminate buildup, soothe my scalp and create the ideal environment to encourage fuller-looking, stronger hair.

Mindful Movement Priority 7: Recalibrate With Cleansing & Conditioning 

Finally, on those days when it’s time to wash my hair, I lather, rinse and repeat with GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Because I am vegan and have super-long, somewhat thick “hybrid” hair — a mix of my natural, multiracial strands combined with extensions — this cleansing and conditioning duo is the perfect vegan alternative to a harsh keratin treatment. 

The pair contains VEGAMOUR’s proprietary Karmatin™️, a microencapsulated vegan b-SILK™️ protein, which bonds and remains attached to hair even after rinsing. Whenever I use these products, I always end up with satin-smooth and snarl-free hair until the next time I wash it. 

VEGAMOUR — An Essential Part of My Workout Hair Routine

Now that you know all about my workout hair routine using VEGAMOUR products, I urge you to try them for yourself. I promise that you can say goodbye to sweat-soaked strands and hello to that healthier, fuller-looking, freshly-washed feeling! These products not only allow me to wash my hair on my terms but they also help me build a hair wellness routine so my hair can look its very best. They can also do the same for you!


Photo credit: Nathan Cowley/Pexels

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