vegaLASH Before and AftervegaLASH Before and After

GRO Lash Serum Changed My Lashes in 4 Weeks

I think we can all agree on one thing when it comes to lashes: we all wish we had naturally longer, thicker and more voluminous lashes. In a world of eyelash extensions and other expensive treatments, it can feel almost impossible to keep up with the maintenance of having long, healthy lashes. One of my friends suggested I try an eyelash serum but I was skeptical because so many serums on the market are not clean and cause serious problems. Blurred vision, iris discoloration, and irritated eyes were enough to scare me away until my friend told me about a clean beauty brand with no side effects that is changing everything I thought I knew about eyelash serums. 

I agreed to take part in a trial with Vegamour to test out their eyelash serum because they are a cruelty-free beauty brand focused on lash, brow and hair restoration. Many of the beauty editors I follow on social media have posted reviews about GRO Lash Serum (formerly called vegaLASH), a lash enhancer without hormones, carcinogens or dangerous side effects. I thought it was too good to be true until I was sent a bottle and tested it out myself. I was wondering what I’m sure you’re wondering: does GRO Lash Serum work? Now I have my answer, and I wanted to document my journey so that other people realize how effective and safe this product truly is. 

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Week 1: Getting Started

Vegalash review week 1

If you’re anything like me, you can relate to the frustration of having sparse lashes. They have always been shorter than I would like, so I never want to leave the house without wearing mascara. Once I received my GRO Lash Serum in the mail I started to incorporate it into my daily skincare routine in the morning and at night. The serum didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes so I was impressed right off the bat. I didn’t notice any big changes the first week but continued to apply consistently.

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Week 3: Wow, It Does Work!

Vegalash review week 3 results

After applying GRO Lash Serum every morning and night for three weeks I could see a noticeable difference in the length and density of my lashes. After week 2, I stopped wearing mascara to work. I’ve never felt this confident about my lashes, ever. I thought it was too good to be true, but those beauty editors know what they’re talking about.

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Week 6: It Really Worked!

Vegalash review week 6 results

The directions on the bottle says to expect fuller, thicker, longer lashes in as few as 30 days. I decided to stick with a regimen of 8 weeks just to ensure I was getting the most out of the serum. I thought I would hit my peak growth around week 4 but my lashes just keep growing! All I do is curl them in the morning and BAM - lashes for days! I even had colleagues and family ask if I had gotten eyelash extensions. It’s official: I’m a lifelong fan of GRO Lash Serum.

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Week 8: The GRO Lash Serum Review Is In

 Vegalash review before and after results

I didn’t see a huge difference in growth between week 6 and week 8, but that was to be expected. My lashes grew so quickly and abundantly. I’m still in disbelief about how well GRO Lash Serum worked for me. It’s like I’ve grown a second set of lashes on top of what I already had. I would highly recommend this lash enhancing serum to anyone who struggles with sparse or thinning lashes. I plan on continuing to use GRO Lash Serum once a day to maintain the incredible results that I have seen thus far.

I would genuinely recommend this serum to anyone who wants to kick start their eyelashes. I feel very comfortable using a product on my eyes knowing that it is 100% safe. I can say with confidence that my eyelashes are the longest and fullest they have ever been. Thank you for making this revolutionary product!


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