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What Exactly Is a Hair Topper?

If you're experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, it can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience. It might even cause a hit to your self-esteem. One way to help with hair thinning is to use a hair topper. While it's not recommended if you have complete hair loss, it's an easy solution for those experiencing partial hair loss, bald spots or a receding hairline. Read on to learn more about how hair toppers work as well as the best-selling product that encourages thicker, fuller looking hair in as soon as 90 days.

What Is a Hair Topper?

"A hair topper is a small hairpiece attached to the scalp to disguise thinning patches or balding, add volume and create healthy-looking hair," hair expert Alice Rawling explained. "It works [by] offering partial coverage on areas with thinning hair to hide the hair loss."

Hair toppers are popular for men and women who are experiencing hair fall or hair loss and want to make it look like they have more hair than they actually do. Hair loss occurs for a variety of reasons, including poor haircare habits, stress, environmental factors, medical conditions (like alopecia), genetics and age. Sometimes you can make changes that reduce hair loss long-term, but while you're waiting for hair to grow back in, a hair topper can help you to feel more confident by increasing your hair volume. "Toppers are used as a treatment for hair loss as they are a perfect solution for thinning hair and hair loss," Rawling said. "[It] covers isolated areas of the hair for a thicker and fuller appearance."

Kevin Holmes, founder of the hair topper brand HairBro, explained how hair toppers differ from other hair accessories. "Hair toppers, also known as wiglets or half wigs, are a smaller type of hair system designed to conceal hair loss in specific areas of the scalp [rather] than a full-coverage wig," he said. "Contrary to hair extensions, which are applied to the back of the head or along the hairline, hair toppers are applied to the crown of the head as their name suggests."

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How Hair Toppers Work

To create a hair topper, hand-sewn hair strands are attached to a monofilament cap made of a breathable mesh-like material that fits on your head. Some hair toppers are made from natural human hair while others are crafted using synthetic fibers. Hair toppers come in a variety of different styles in varying lengths and colors to suit every head.

"They are typically worn by individuals with thinning hair or advanced hair loss, but not by those with total baldness," said Holmes. "Since the coverage is inferior to that of a wig, hair toppers are not recommended for individuals with total hair loss." To secure it in place, attach the clips from the hair topper onto your head using light pressure.

Additionally, Holmes explained they can be worn to add volume or length. "Depending on your preference, hair toppers are available in both synthetic and human hair," he said. "To ensure that your hair topper fits properly, you will require the proper base size. We recommend measuring the length and width of the desired coverage area, plus an additional inch around the perimeter where the hair topper will clip into your natural hair follicles. Not only do hair extensions differ in fiber and texture, but also in base size and hair color." Always match your hair piece with your natural hair color for the best results and a seamless blend.

You can wear a hair topper every day, but some people choose to wear a hair topper only on special occasions for additional volume. Although it contains less hair than a full wig, it can still be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

What to Look For In a Hair Topper

If you decide to invest in a hair topper, it's important to find one that is good quality. It's also important to make sure you care for it properly afterward.

"All of the products you use on your topper and wigs should be salon-grade," said Holmes. "To wash your piece, you should brush out the knots with care and wet the hair with lukewarm water. This is easily accomplished in a sink. Massage a small amount of sodium lauryl sulfate-free shampoo through the hair. Be particularly careful around the crown and lace areas."

Holmes explained that repetition is key and that it's important to rinse the shampoo out thoroughly before applying a small amount of hydrating conditioner. "Apply only to the lengths and ends," he said. "Applying to the lace or silk will loosen the knots and reduce the longevity of the item. Rinse out the conditioner completely. Using an excessive conditioner or not thoroughly rinsing will leave your piece looking dirty."

Here's What You Can Expect

Hair toppers vary in price based on the size, length and whether or not the hair is real hair or synthetic hair. If you are considering one, it's important to chat with your stylist or cosmetologist to get information on the best option for your needs.

If you are getting a hair topper due to temporary hair loss or hair thinning, you might also want to chat with your healthcare provider to make sure it's not due to an underlying health issue. Anyone that has suffered from significant hair loss for over a year should see a physician to rule out any serious medical problems.

Once you have your hair topper, your hairstylist can help you learn how to install, style, and clean your new hair accessory. Start by washing your new hair piece. You want to make sure to dip the hair topper water while holding the silk base to prevent tangling. Cleanse your hair piece by washing it with equal parts shampoo and water and thoroughly rinsing it out. After it's been washed and dried, the hair topper is applied by placing the front edge of the topper at about one to two inches of the hairline. It is positioned to cover any areas of hair loss and is secured at the front. Once you have it on, you can style your hair as desired.

You can keep your hair topper in better condition by washing it with good-quality shampoo and keeping it in a box or bag when you're not wearing it to prevent dirt and dust from damaging it, especially if your hair topper is made from human hair.

Products That Encourage Fuller Looking Hair

If you are considering a hair topper and are looking for solutions to help combat thinning hair naturally, VEGAMOUR's GRO Hair  Serum can help. Sometimes hair fall can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, over-supplementation, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes and even poor scalp health. More often than not, it's a combination of issues, so a holistic approach to your hair routine is the best way to promote sustainable and long-lasting hair health.

VEGAMOUR's plant-based GRO Hair Serumuses a combination of clinically tested, 100% vegan phyto-actives that work together to support a balanced follicular ecosystem to keep your hair healthy. The serum also soothes the scalp and revitalizes your hair roots. This serum is free of toxic chemicals and carcinogens and is formulated with powerful plant-based phyto-actives designed to improve hair density while reducing signs of shedding.

Pair that with VEGAMOUR's GRO Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner Kit, which can be used on existing hair or on a hair topper since it's allnatural and free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and other harsh chemicals. This duo is color-safe and also contains powerful plant actives, like mung bean, curcumin and red clover, as well as Karmatin™ (the first-of-its-kind vegan keratin). It won't strip oils from your hair and makes it easier to style both your existing hair and your hair topper.

The Takeaway

Hair thinning can happen for a variety of reasons, from stress and lack of sleep to environmental factors, medical conditions and genetics. A hair topper can be a good solution to cover up bald spots or a receding hairline for those with thinning areas. If you do decide to invest in a hair topper, chat with your stylist first to learn your options and ensure you end up with a seamless color match. To combat thinning hair naturally, make sure you also invest in quality, vegan products that can help reduce the appearance of thinning hair.


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