Woman drying hair with a towelWoman drying hair with a towel

10 Ways You're Washing Your Hair Wrong

Washing your hair seems like it should be a no-brainer! After all, it’s simply wash, rinse, repeat, right? Wrong. 

Unfortunately, there are many ways bad hair-washing habits can damage your hair. Here’s info on the top 10 most common ways you’re washing your hair wrong — plus, find out what products you should use to give your hair exactly what it needs every wash day

1. You’re Washing Too Often

Even the gentlest shampoo is designed to strip hair of its oils, so washing every day can leave hair dry and stressed out. Try waiting at least a day between washes, and up to a week if you have dry or textured hair. Use a dry shampoo to refresh strands if they start feeling oily.

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2. The Water is Too Hot

Another common wash day mistake is even more basic than schedule — the temperature of the water you use may be wrong. Using water that’s too hot can lead to hair experiencing hygral fatigue, leading to reduced elasticity and breakage as strands repeatedly expand and contract. Stick to warm water to keep your hair happy.

3. You’re Using The Wrong Products for Your Hair Type

It seems like shampoo and conditioner should be all-purpose, but nothing could be further from the truth! Each hair type has unique needs, and if you’re not using products designed for your hair type your strands will suffer. Invest in smart haircare to make sure your hair is getting the nourishment it needs.

4. You’re Using Too Much Shampoo

Now that you’ve got your product on lock, let's talk technique. Many of us are guilty of slathering on shampoo from scalp to ends, but overapplying products can dry out hair. With most shampoos, you really only need to shampoo your scalp, working it in deep to the roots and rinsing fully for best results. The water will wash enough shampoo over your strands to keep you feeling clean and fresh.

However, VEGAMOUR shampoos are designed to be lathered onto your scalp and throughout your hair. Our shampoos contain our proprietary vegan keratin called Karmatin™, which bonds to hair and remains attached even after rinsing, allowing it to repair and protect hair long after you wash it. 

5. You’re Under-Conditioning Your Hair

While it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to shampoo, most of us are equally guilty of under conditioning. While those of us with thin hair will be satisfied with the recommended quarter size squirt, you need to make sure to apply enough conditioner to moisten all your strands. Don’t be afraid to load up on conditioner, especially if you have particularly long or thick hair.

6. You’re Neglecting Your Scalp Health

The scalp is literally at the root of all our hair problems, so neglecting it is never a good idea. But for many of us, it’s an afterthought in the wash day process. Make sure your scalp is in good shape by regularly using a scalp detoxifying serum to clear away pore-blocking buildup, and deliver essential support where your hair needs it the most.

7. You’re Keeping Product on the Surface

If you’re judging by the instructions on the bottle, it seems like you should be able to slap on shampoo, follow it with conditioner, let the conditioner hang for a few minutes and call it a day. But not working the conditioner into your hair can mean your product sits on the surface instead of penetrating your strands. Use a scalp massager to work shampoo deep into your roots before rinsing, and thoroughly squish in conditioner to ensure the moisture penetrates your strands.

8. You’re Not Rinsing Efficiently 

Once you’ve applied your product, make sure to really thoroughly rinse it out until no trace remains. With the exception of products designed to work as leave-in treatments, letting product buildup on hair can stress out strands. Even the most gentle detergents can strip away moisture if they’re left to sit for too long. This step is particularly important with shampoo, so make you rinse for at least fifteen seconds before you begin conditioning.

9. You’re Brushing Wet Hair

Running a hairbrush through your nice, clean strands may be satisfying, but it’s doing more damage than you realize. Brushing when hair is wet stretches out strands, leading to increased damage, frizz, and breakage. Instead, detangle your hair before you wash it to eliminate all the major snags and snarls, gently finger combing product through post-wash to work it through without stressing out your strands.

10. You’re Not Doing Deep Treatments

Last but not least, let's talk about deep treatments. Simply washing and conditioning isn’t enough to ensure that your hair is getting the nourishment it needs. You should also use an overnight restoring mask that works while you sleep to provide essential nutrients to your strands.

A deep conditioning hair mask is the ultimate nourishing treatment. Like our shampoos and conditioners, the mask is powered by our proprietary Karmatin™.. Apply the mask once weekly (or as needed) and leave on overnight to deeply hydrate and protect hair while reducing frizz. Your hair will be happier for it!


Photo credit: Ron Lach/Pexels

Disclaimer: Information in this article is intended for general informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician.