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No Eyelash Curler? 5 Ways to Curl your Eyelashes Without One

We've all been there. It's 10 minutes before you're due to head out the door, your makeup and hair are on point, and you can't find your eyelash curler anywhere. You might consider skipping it, but curling your eyelashes is important. Any makeup artist will tell you that curly lashes are the secret to adding that little extra something to your look. Although it might seem like a minor part of your beauty routine, experts say that adding curl makes your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer, and it also helps eyes appear larger and more alert.

If you can't track down that pesky eyelash curler, there are plenty of alternative methods for adding a little extra curl to your lashes, so you can make your eyes pop at the drop of a dime — even when your curler is MIA. Plus, find out which products to use to make your lashes look thicker and fuller naturally

5 Ways To Curl Your Lashes When You Don't Have an Eyelash Curler

Not everyone has an eyelash curler in their repertoire of beauty tools — and there's some evidence that misusing a lash curler can actually damage your lashes. There are many ways to pinch or clamp just a little too aggressively, resulting in pain and lash loss.

If you're scared of the clamp (or just can't track down your eyelash curler), fear not, there are alternatives. Here are some ways to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler:

1. Mascara Magic

You already know your mascara is your lashes' best friend when it comes to adding dimension and volume to your lashes. But did you know that mascara can actually work as an eyelash curler alternative? When applying mascara, add curl by using the mascara wand to curl your lashes. Simply apply your mascara, as usual, starting at the lid and working your way up. When you reach the tips, press down and count to 10, holding them in place until the mascara dries. For an added volume boost, pop on a layer of GRO Lash Serum before you apply your mascara.

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2. Swab It!

Suppose the idea of pressing a mascara wand that close to your eyeball makes you a little nervous. In that case, there's an alternative method of curling your eyelashes without eyelash curlers: Use a simple cotton swab, aka a Q-tip. The cotton swab method is similar to the way you'd use a mascara wand to curl to your lashes. After you finish applying your mascara, hold the lashes in your desired curled position by gently lifting them at the lash line close to your eyelid, using a cotton swab. When the mascara is done drying, your lashes will stay put!

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3. Use Your Fingers

Maybe you're more of a bare-faced beauty, but you still want a curly lashed look. You definitely don't own a curler, so what's the solution? For our makeup-free friends, here's the answer. All you need to curl your lashes is warmth and a little pressure. Run your finger under warm water, and then press up on those lashes with your finger, curling them over themselves.

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4. Spoon Surprises

Another easy method for the makeup-free who are nervous about poking themselves in the eye is based on a simple spoon. Fill a mug with warm (not boiling) water, and leave a clean spoon in it to heat up. When the metal is warm to the touch, press the curved side of the spoon over your eyelid using firm yet gentle pressure. Maintain the pressure of the spoon against your eyelashes for approximately 10 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side. A surprising bonus: cold spoons can help reduce the appearance of under-eye bags by encouraging lymphatic drainage to de-puff the skin. Turns out your cutlery drawer is chock full of beauty secrets!

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5. Toothbrush to the Rescue

We've already found an eyelash curling method in the kitchen — but what about the rest of the house? As luck would have it, the bathroom cabinet is another surprising source for luxe lashes. If you have a clean toothbrush on hand, you're already ready to go. Just run the toothbrush's bristles under hot water, then dab it dry (quickly, so you retain that heat) using a clean towel or washcloth. Brush through your lashes with the warm bristles, starting at the base of the lid and working your way up in one smooth motion, holding at the tips to create that graceful curl.

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Get Curling

Whatever method you chose, it's easy to curl your eyelashes without an actual eyelash curler. Grab a spoon, toothbrush — or just your fingers and get curling. Or better yet, apply your favorite lash serum morning and night to get gorgeous lashes, no curling or mascara required!


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