HYDR-8 Collection from VEGAMOURHYDR-8 Collection from VEGAMOUR

Why My Curls Love VEGAMOUR's HYDR-8 Collection

Like many curly-haired girls, I struggle to help my strands maintain optimal hydration levels. My hair seems to soak up any conditioner I use, quickly turning coarse and straw-like at the drop of a hat. But when I tried switching to heavier products, I found my curl pattern was disrupted, leaving my strands looking greasy and weighed down. What’s a curly girl to do?

The answer came when I discovered that one of my favorite clean beauty brands launched a new line specifically targeting hydration. Formulated for parched, dry hair, I hoped it would be the solution to my dry hair woes. I gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did! Here’s what I experienced on my hydration journey and how the HYDR-8 Collection nourish hair from root to tip.

Why I Chose HYDR-8

I was familiar with VEGAMOUR’s phyto-active-packed approach to haircare already, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that all the HYDR-8 products I stocked up on were absolutely packed with the good stuff I knew my hair needed to thrive. 

As someone who takes my hair health seriously, it’s super important that I use hair products specifically designed to nourish my hair type. I want products that contain high doses of powerful vegan phyto-actives and other plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients designed to help my strands thrive. 

Powered by VEGAMOUR’s signature keratin alternative Karmatin, my new wash day products also contain nourishing marula and moringa seed oil, hydrating murumuru seed butter, moisturizing aloe vera and scalp-supporting magnolia bark extract. I was excited to see the effects that these active ingredients would have on my parched strands.

But what was missing from my HYDR-8 routine was almost as important as the powerful ingredients it contained. Like all VEGAMOUR products, the HYDR-8 line is free of the silicones and sulfates my hair absolutely hates. I knew all too well the danger of drugstore brands that promised ultimate curl-boosting power but in reality, only weighted down my strands, so it was nice knowing my hair was in good hands.

More than that, I was super excited to find a product that targeted my specific hair woes while adhering to my values. I’m passionate about using products that support my ethics and as a vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand, VEGAMOUR was a choice I could feel good about.

With so many benefits, I was excited to see if HYDR-8 was as good for my hair as it seemed on paper.

My Wash Day Experience

I wanted to use my new HYDR-8 powers to the max, so I decided to order the complete HYDR-8 Essentials Kit. It comes with the Hydrate and Repair Shampoo, Hydrate and Repair Conditioner and a Deep Moisture Repair Mask. 

I was super excited to see the kit when it arrived. There’s something so fun about getting such well-packaged beauty products in the mail. As I opened the box and examined the matte, dark pink products with their elegant gold lettering, I felt like I was in for a treat. I couldn’t wait to get my wash day started!

According to VEGAMOUR, the kit offered a ton of intriguing key benefits. The brand claims this collection can reduce frizz for up to 72 hours, which was big news for someone whose hair has the unfortunate tendency to turn into a floofy cloud if I so much as think about humidity.

It also claims to boost hydration up to 15 times its previous levels and give you strands that are up to three times stronger than they were before — both after just a single use! It all sounded too good to be true, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Following the directions on the bottle, I started with my HYDR-8 Hydrate & Repair Shampoo. The first thing I noticed was how nice it smelled. It was floral and complex, almost like a really nice perfume. The formula felt creamy as I took a quarter-sized amount into my palm and lathered it onto my wet strands, starting at the scalp and massaging it deeply into the full length of my strands. It felt weird to use such a small amount, but I was surprised at how far the formula stretched. My hair felt clean but not dried out, like it often does with drugstore shampoos.

Because my hair was super dried out, I decided to start out with the intensive HYDR-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask as my conditioner. I wrung the excess water from my curls and massaged a quarter-sized amount into the full length of my hair, noticing how silky and smooth my hair already felt from the shampoo alone. Leaving it in for two minutes while I sang a tune, I rinsed it out and let my strands air dry as per usual. 

The next time I showered, I tried out the HYDR-8 Hydrate and Repair Conditioner. Designed for daily use, it was a little lighter than the mask but had that same creamy, almost mousse-like texture. It felt super luxurious going on and seemed to absorb quickly into my strands. I left it for two minutes before rinsing it out and going about my day! 

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My HYDR-8 Results 

VEGAMOUR claims that HYDR-8 can boost hydration levels after just one wash. It seemed too good to be true, but after my first shampoo and mask session I definitely noticed a measurable difference in my hair’s moisture levels.

Usually, when I wash my hair, my strands stay glossy and moisturized for about half a day at most. Then they soak up the conditioning products and I’m faced with the dreaded frizz or forced to spend way too much time wrestling with mousses, creams and styling products.

With HYDR-8, I didn’t have to worry about re-upping my conditioner for three days. During that time my hair stayed glossy and controlled. I noticed that it felt much softer and silkier to the touch, with none of the coarse, wiry texture it often has after a few days post-wash. I didn’t have any frizz at all and my hair was soft and smooth.

While my strands were nourished and relaxed, my HYDR-8 routine didn’t rob them of any of their curl power. My curls stayed intact and actually looked more defined than they’d been before — all without the additional use of styling gels or creams. It felt like I had found the easiest life hack ever for soft, bouncy curls — and all it took was replacing the products in my shower.

And the best part? My strands smelled amazing. That floral aroma lingered and friends kept asking me about the new perfume I was wearing. It felt like a total glow-up for me and my strands — like a spa day in a bottle.

My Final Thoughts

After trying it out for myself, I definitely recommend the HYDR-8 line to my fellow curly girls! If you’re looking for a deeply nourishing routine that supports hydration while keeping your curls bouncy and full, this is the formula you’ve been searching for. I’ve found my hydration holy grail — and I just know you’ll love it as much as I do!


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