HYDR-8 Weightless Repair OilHYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

Get to Know VEGAMOUR's Hair Oil for All Hair Types — Even Thin

Does your hair look limp or feel flat, no matter what styling products you use? If this sounds familiar, more often than not, piling on the products might actually be doing more harm than good — specifically, if you have fine or thin hair. The reason: Some chemical-based styling products can actually weigh thin hair down, leaving it greasy, lifeless and worse for wear. 

Fortunately, there’s a new, natural alternative that can help! Introducing an innovation in hair oil formulated without silicones and effective for all hair types, especially fine and thin hair. Read on to learn more about VEGAMOUR's brand new HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil.

The Benefits of Hair Oil For Thin Hair

When you have fine or thin hair, it can be extra challenging to find products that actually work — without making your hair feel slick and weighed down. Hair oil is commonly used to help control and combat dryness, frizz and flyaways. 

Yet, traditional silicone-based hair oil might not be the best option for thin hair. Silicone, a synthetic polymer, coats hair to add shine. But, it doesn’t actually improve the condition of hair and may even leave hair looking thinner and flat.

However, there’s good news. HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil, formulated without the heavy silicones found in other oils, works to address the needs of all hair types, especially fine or thin hair. The phytoactive oil blend is jam-packed with benefits:

  • Lightweight, virtually weightless formula
  • Ultra-hydrating
  • Nutrient-rich nourishment
  • Minimizes flyaways and frizz
  • Strengthens hair and seals split ends
  • Adds shine
  • Reduces breakage
  • Effective on all hair types and textures, especially fine and thin hair

HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

Nourish and Support With Clean, Natural Ingredients

Best of all, unlike many other hair oils, HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil is formulated without silicones, making it ideal for fine and thin hair. Nourishing and nutrient-rich, this hair oil is part of theHYDR-8 Collection, powered by phyto-active ingredients that work to help hydrate, reduce breakage, damage and split ends, smoothing strands while minimizing flyaways and frizz. In a controlled hair swatch study, the hair oil promotes 96% more shine, 92% reduction in breakage and 72 hours of hydration and frizz reduction.

Learn more about HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil’s natural ingredients. Marula oil hydrates, nourishes and smooths strands. Vitamin C oil minimizes frizz and provides antioxidant benefits. Sacha inchi and chia seed oil blend seal split ends and add shine. Plus, the inviting scent includes spicy, warm cardamom and herbaceous clary sage infused with notes of sweet vanilla and cedarwood.

3 Simple Steps to Hydrate, Smooth, Strengthen & Style

An ideal addition to any styling lineup, it’s easy and quick to use HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil. The fast-absorbing formula can be applied to damp or dry hair. Use it to immediately strengthen, seal split ends, smooth strands and fight flyaways and frizz — all while adding necessary hydration and weightless radiance!

Apply the nourishing hair oil with these three simple steps:

  1. Apply with hands: Pump into palms and rub together to distribute evenly. 
  2. A little goes a long way! Run hands through hair, focusing on distributing hair oil mid-lengths to ends. 
  3. Use anytime you need a quick styling fix: HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil can be used on damp or dry hair. 

And don’t forget to recycle! When you’ve finished your eco-friendly bottle, simply unscrew the pump and place it in the trash. Then rinse the glass bottle and recycle with like materials. Be sure to check your state and local recycling guidelines for specific instructions.

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HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

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Excited to try HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil? Finally, the ‘weight’ is over to achieve your dream hair. For optimal results, use in tandem with the ultra-hydrating HYDR-8 collection, powered by Karmatin™, VEGAMOUR’s vegan alternative to keratin & silicone, which bonds to hair. Support healthier-looking, visibly thicker, fuller-looking hair with up to 72 hours of frizz control for smooth, ultra-hydrated, weightless, glass-like radiance that lasts and lasts!


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