It goes without saying that eyebrows complete the face. Think about it--do you ever leave the house without taking a good look at your arches and ensuring that they’re groomed to the nines? Probably not. Eyebrow maintenance is no easy feat, but thanks to the beauty gods we’ve been able to master it like the pros themselves. We’ve got brow gels, pomades, pencils, powders, and every product you could imagine right at the palm of our hands but in order to make any of those work, we need to start with the one: the eyebrow brush. Now we’re not ones for having a ton of brushes taking up space on our vanity, but this one is crucial. On a good day, you can just brush your brows and go--seriously. On some days, you’ll need a bit more maintenance with the help of a brush, maybe some trimming if you've been using a brow growth serum, and your go-to brow product (but don’t ever ignore the brush). If you’re unsure of which eyebrow brush is best for grooming and styling your own arches, look no further. We’ve put together an easy guide for you to find your next eyebrow staple below.

Anastasia #12 Duo Brush


Photo via Sephora

A favorite amongst many influencer, this duo spoolie brush can handle almost any hair texture. Whether you have fine hair or thick, coarse hair, you’ll be able to tame your brows with this bad boy in no time. The round end can help tame those curly brow ends that never seem to sit still, while the angled end allows you to apply product seamlessly. This brush is also known for having a long lifeline, so you won’t have to toss it any time soon. If you’re more into eyebrow pomades and thicker products, this brush should definitely be on your radar.

Artis Elite Mirror Linear 1 Brush


Photo via Sephora

If you’re looking for a more luxe option, this is your pick. Artis is known for being the Hermès of makeup brushes and it doesn’t hurt that they look beautiful sitting on your makeup stand. However, the quality lives up to the name and you get a bang for your buck. This fine, micro-tip brush will flawlessly fill-in any of those sparse areas that many of us seem to have in our eyebrows. You can use a light powder, or go in with a heavier hand, and you can also use this brow with gels like our Tinted Brow Gel and pomades as well. If you have any tiny areas that you’ve struggled with getting into, this is your new go-to.

Lancome Sourcils Gel Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush #27


Photo via Ulta

This unique-shaped brush is built for both filling in and intensifying your arches. The triangular shape allows you to fill in any sparse areas with the pointed tip, and then build up on color with the flatter sides. The spoolie tip on the opposite end of the brush helps remove any excess product and combs out the brows to a fresh, groomed state. It’s perfect for beginners and anyone who likes to experiment a bit more when it comes to their everyday makeup.

Urban Decay Pro Essential Eye Tool


Photo via Macys

For anyone who’s focused solely on grooming, this is your new favorite tool. The three-in-one tool includes a comb, brush, and spoolie tip for all of your eyebrow needs. It’s perfect for before or after tweezing and before applying your makeup. You can also use the comb to separate your lashes and remove any unwanted mascara clumps--it’s a win-win!

Header image via thehub