How to Use Hair Oil for Shiny, Gorgeous HairHow to Use Hair Oil for Shiny, Gorgeous Hair

How to Use Hair Oil for Shiny, Gorgeous Hair

If you're new to the world of using natural oils in your beauty routine, oiling your hair might seem like the latest trendy way to add shine to dull strands. But the truth is people have been oiling hair for hundreds (if not thousands!) of years, using oils as nature's styling tools to address everything from frizz control to hair breakage.

Done right, natural oil can transform the quality of your hair quality for the better with just a few drops. Here's everything you need to know about using oils to boost hair health and nourish cuticle cells. Plus, discover the products you really need to transform strands from the inside out for your healthiest, happiest hair yet.

What Is Hair Oil?

Before getting into the details of how to use hair oil, here's a closer look at what hair oil actually is.

"Hair oil is any plant-based oil you choose to put in your hair or a mix of the same," said hair expert and cosmetologist Ghanima Abdullah.

There are many types of oil used in hair care, but typically lightweight oils that are high in fatty acids such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, argan oil or marula oil are preferred by most hair oil users. Some people use the oil right out of the bottle or warm it up. Others blend a carrier oil with essential oils or even vitamin E for an extra dose of outer cuticle-protecting power.

Abdullah said that there are a variety of ways oil can be used to support the health and wellness of your strands. "Depending on the qualities of the oil you choose, it can be used as a scalp serum to help grow your hair and nourish your scalp," she said.

It can also be used as a styling tool for people prone to dry hair or frizzy hair. "Hair oil can also be used on the hair to increase strength and ease detangling," she said. "Or it can be used on the hair for shine."

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How to Add Hair Oil to Your Hair Care Routine

When it comes time to add oil to your haircare practices, there are many ways you can apply hair oil for maximum impact on your strands. How you use oil and whether you apply it to wet or dry hair depends on your hair type — and the results you're looking for.

  • If you have straight or wavy hair: "People with straight or wavy hair choose to use oil as a pre-shampoo treatment so that they can wash out the greasy feeling," said Abdullah.
  • If you have curly hair: Abdullah suggests using oil on dry or damp hair and leaving it in as you air dry. "People with textured hair use hair oil to soften their hair and provide sheen," she explained. "The oil eventually absorbs into the hair shaft and strengthens the hair." Curly girls can use oil for styling or conditioning, drawing on the natural moisturizing powers of oil to soothe their often dry strands to nourish and support their hair texture.
  • As an overnight mask for all hair types: If you're interested in doing an overnight haircare mask, Abdullah explained how to get the job done. "Saturate your hair and scalp in hair oil and use plastic wrap to seal it," she said. "Wrap a towel over the whole thing and sleep in it. You'll need at least six hours for the hair oil to penetrate your hair shaft and strengthen your hair." By doing a hair mask once a week or so, you'll be strengthening your strands to reduce hair fall, as well as nourishing generally healthy hair.

Whatever your hair type, Abdullah said you can use oil to support general hair health. "Anyone can use hair oil as a scalp serum," she said. "But because the scalp tends to be sensitive, it's good to wash the oil out the following day." Just like an oil-based hair mask, leave your treatment on overnight and rinse it out once the morning arrives.

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How Often Should You Use Hair Oil?

When done correctly, all these treatments will help support your hair's natural shine, encourage growth and nurture scalp health. But according to Abdullah, you can have too much of a good thing. Here's how often she recommends you try out her suggested hair oil treatments.

Whether you're a straight, curly or wavy-haired person looking to use hair oil to make a luxurious moisturizing mask, Abdullah said you shouldn't indulge more than once a week.

"As a pre-shampoo treatment, use hair oil once a week," she said. "That's for any texture of hair. It will absorb into your hair shaft for strength and ease of detangling. It will also help make your hair shine, even once it's washed out." Use more than once a week and your strands can become saturated, taking on an oily appearance. But if you stick to a weekly regime, they'll be healthy, happy and moisturized.

Abdullah said that if you're using your oil blend to support scalp health, you can use it more than once a week. In fact, you can break out the serum whenever you have a wash day to ensure your strands are getting the moisture support they need.

"If you're using hair oil as a scalp serum, it's good to use it at night before you plan to wash your hair," she said. "So if you wash your hair three times a week, also use your scalp serum three times a week."

For best results, rub your oil of choice into your scalp and then let it sink in for a while before you wash it out using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, said Abdullah. "It will absorb into the skin of your scalp, but not completely. So you should schedule a wash after you use it. "

To ensure you get all the oil off your scalp, you can even follow your oil treatment with a detoxifying scalp scrub to nourish the health of your scalp's natural microbiome.

However, there is one type of hair that can use hair oil as frequently as they please, Abdullah shared. "If you have textured hair, there's no issue with using hair oil daily," she said. "It eases detangling, nourishes the hair and provides strength and sheen."

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The Takeaway

Whatever your hair type, Abdullah said that oil is a great addition to a natural hair health-supporting beauty routine. "Most hair oils can be used to encourage hair growth and stop hair loss," she said.

If you notice your hair is looking a bit lackluster in the shine department, consider incorporating a hydrating hair oil into your routine alongside clean, clinically proven products. VEGAMOUR's collection of hair care products is designed to help repair damage, protect color and enhance shine for glossy, gorgeous locks!


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