Hair Story: Stress, COVID & Birth Control: How My Hair Started Thinning at 23Hair Story: Stress, COVID & Birth Control: How My Hair Started Thinning at 23

Hair Story: Stress, COVID & Birth Control: How My Hair Started Thinning at 23

Like a lot of women, Sarah McConnell's* hair loss story doesn't have one clear cause. She experienced a very quick change in her hair fall, but the reason? There could be several. Like most of us, 2020 was a stressful time for Sarah and it manifested as thinning hair. 

It's only been a few weeks since she started her hair wellness journey with VEGAMOUR, but she's already seeing a difference (the pictures speak for themselves)! She's also making lifestyle changes and finding new ways to cope with stress — a core part of hair wellness. Sarah decided to share her story with us.

How did your hair loss journey begin?

"I am 23 years old and I have been dealing with a lot of stress starting graduate school. Between stress with school, recovering from having COVID and switching birth control, my hair immediately started thinning and shedding rapidly. About three weeks ago I was researching hair treatments and saw Vegamour and I knew I needed to try it. With only three weeks of use my hair feels fuller, stronger and there is already less shedding. Hair loss isn’t really something you expect to battle in your early 20s but I am SO grateful I found VEGAMOUR."

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How long have you been on your hair growth journey and how is it going for you?

"I have been on my hair growth journey for about three months but I have been on my VEGAMOUR journey for about three weeks. I would say, though, that my hair growth journey truly hadn’t started until I tried VEGAMOUR. It’s been a challenging process but since I have started VEGAMOUR I am starting to feel hope again."

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What's been your biggest challenge during this time?

"Finding a way to help my hair without the use of harsh chemicals and artificial hormones!"

Tell us a bit about your hair wellness routine with VEGAMOUR.

"I use the GRO Hair Serum daily at night and then use the scalp massager for 20 minutes after. I have recently purchased the GRO Biotin Gummies and will be using one per day."

What kind of results have you seen so far?

"Less shedding, increase in thickness and overall fuller feeling."

GRO Biotin Gummies

What motivated you to take the next step on your hair journey?

"I hadn’t considered any specific hair treatment lines because I always wanted to avoid synthetic hormones and harsh chemicals. Reading about VEGAMOUR’s holistic and natural approach to hair care inspired me to take the next step and incorporate a serum!"

What changes have made the biggest difference on your hair wellness journey?

"I have begun finding ways to cope with stress through exercise, meditation and journaling. This has been incredibly helpful for me since I have recently begun graduate school and the transition from undergraduate to graduate school brought on a lot of stress."

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What habits are you prioritizing to achieve the healthy hair you want? 

"I have just ordered the GRO Biotin Gummies and I am planning to prioritize ensuring I am taking in the right nutrients needed for proper hair growth. Additionally, I am prioritizing frequent scalp massages with the VEGAMOUR Scalp Massager!"

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What do you wish more people understood about hair loss? 

"I wish people understood that it is nothing to feel ashamed of. I think hair loss isn’t a comfortable topic for a lot of people and it is something many people go through. I also wish people understood that hair loss is not untreatable and there are products that work! (like VEGAMOUR!)"

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What advice would you have for someone who is starting their hair growth journey and may be struggling? 

"I would advise them to accept their hair where its at and not try to rush the process. Hair growth and repair is a journey and sometimes results cannot be seen for weeks or even months-patience is key! I would also advise them to manage other factors that contribute to their hair health (diet, exercise, stress, etc). I would also recommend that they give Vegamour a try and remain patient in the process."

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What's the next VEGAMOUR product you'd like to try?

"GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum for sure!"

*Indicates name has been changed.


Photo credit: Erick E./Unsplash

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