Hair Story: 5 Months After Giving Birth I Had Bald Spots — This CBD Hair Serum Brought My Hair Back to LifeHair Story: 5 Months After Giving Birth I Had Bald Spots — This CBD Hair Serum Brought My Hair Back to Life

Hair Story: How This Hair Serum Brought My Hair Back to Life Postpartum

Ayla Espinal thought she'd be the exception to postpartum hair problems. With thick, gorgeous curls, she figured even if her hair thinned a bit it wouldn't be that noticeable. Then she had her baby and five months later, the shedding began. Her self-esteem was impacted, plus the stress of caring for a new baby, left Ayla feeling devastated.  

After a friend recommended VEGAMOUR, Ayla decided to give it a chance. She's been using the best-selling GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum every day for only two months and the results are — well, see for yourself! 

VEGAMOUR GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum Before & After

Ayla was kind enough to share her hair journey with VEGAMOUR. 

How did your hair journey begin?

"Five months after giving birth. I have always heard of women having postpartum hair loss after birth, but because I have so much hair I never thought it would happen to me but boy did it happen. I started to lose all my edges. It was literally just falling out, hair was everywhere and my scalp hurt. I started to get really sad and depressed because this was something new to me; I didn’t know how to handle it and didn’t know what to do or if my hair would grow back. 

I didn’t know what to do, I was panicking and also worried. I worked so hard to get my hair to a healthy state and for it to just fall out was devastating to me! I decided to take a chance and ask for recommendations on hair growth products on Instagram and a good friend of mine (who also has curly hairy which is so important to me) recommended VEGAMOUR. As desperate as I was I figured what do I have to lose other than a couple of bucks (because it's not expensive for what the product does). So I went ahead and gave it a try and HONEY!!!!! Thank God I did.

I got the GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum and have been on it for about two months now. It’s the only thing I have used and will continue to use. Not only did my edges grow back, my hair was healthier and my curls looked soooooo good! If I had any advice it would be to stay calm, and try VEGAMOUR. You really only have one thing to lose (money) and everything to gain. I was that skeptical girl and I'm so glad I gave it a try.

I have not only seen my hair grow (from literally being bald) but my hair is so much thicker, my curls are alive, and I have less shedding and hair loss."

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What this time felt like emotionally for you?

    "Emotionally losing my hair was so hard!!!! It hard to even describe. Not only because my hair makes me feel beautiful, but postpartum was hard enough and this was just another added stress. I felt like my hair was the one thing I had control over after birth, and then BOOM, no more control. It was the starting over for me.

    Then came the questions from everyone, the home remedies, the unsolicited opinions it truly just annoyed me and made me unhappy, but I knew this couldn’t last forever, so eventually with the help of VEGAMOUR things started improving little by little and my confidence slowly started to return."

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    What VEGAMOUR products do you use and what kind of results have you had?

    "I was using the GRO + Advanced drops. I have not only seen my hair grow (from literally being bald) but my hair is so much thicker, my curls are alive, and I have less shedding and hair loss."

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    What's been your biggest challenge during this time?

    "The biggest challenge about this journey has been staying patient and consistent. Having an infant sometimes you forget about yourself and your well being that even showering is the last thing on your mind, let alone taking care of your hair. Washing my hair became a challenge because I was so scared to see the hair loss, but with patience and consistency, I started to lose less hair. Also, styling my hair has been a challenge! I am in an awkward stage of my growth where styling is a process! But, my hair is growing back which I am so happy about!"

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    How long have you been on your hair journey and how is it going for you now?

    "I have been on my hair growth journey for about two months now and I am so much happier and have established a routine. VEGAMOUR is so easy to use that it doesn’t take much work. I have been using it correctly (I was not using it how I should) and have seen drastic changes to my hair. It is thicker, healthier but most importantly it is growing which in return is making me so much happier overall."

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      What changes have made the biggest difference on your hair wellness journey?

      "I think the [biggest] thing I have done for myself is actually take care and time for myself whether that’s the gym, going to the salon, deep conditioning my hair, anything really that puts me in a good zone mentally. I stress so much about other things, and not having time for anything, that taking that hour for myself really put me in a good head space which in return helps my overall mindset and health. I started training at the gym like I did before and I am beginning to feel like my old self."

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      What advice would you have for someone who is starting their hair journey and may be struggling?

      "My best advice is to have patience. I think we all want quick immediate results and when we don’t get the results in the time we went them we tend to give up (I can say that for myself specifically). Patience and  consistency are the two things I believe Is needed to succeed in your hair journey."

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