If you haven’t heard already, beauty comes from the inside out. (In more ways than one!) But one of the easiest ways you can look and feel your best is giving your body and hair the nutrients and healthy vitamins it needs to thrive. At Vegamour, we use 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients that promote healthy hair growth and make your brows, locks, and lashes shine. We like to think of them as our hair secret weapons -- the superfoods and all-natural essentials that result in some seriously head-turning hair. (Shh...don’t tell anyone…)

Super Foods for Healthy Hair



Photo via Healthline

Looking for a plant-based all-star that promotes healthy hair growth? Look no further than hearty and healthy beans. They contain a perfect recipe for good hair days, with ingredients like biotin, iron, zinc and protein.



Oh-so-sweet, for your tastebuds and your beauty routine. Strawberries are jam-packed with antioxidants that protect your hair from harsh free radicals. (And include a hefty-dose of keratin-producing Vitamin C to boot!)



You can’t please everyone, but avocados can. This popular super food is not only delicious, but features Vitamin E, a strong skin & scalp protector and is a great source of healthy fats to keep your hair soft and stress-free.

MVP Vitamins to Enhance Hair Growth



Also known as B7, one of the B-vitamins, this all-star supercharges hair growth and carries oxygen and other nutrients straight to your scalp. Biotin can be found naturally in many foods, and in abundance in our Lovestruck Biotin Gummies for Hair.

Vitamin A

Did you know? Your hair cells absolutely need Vitamin A to grow. Vitamin A produces an essential oil for your body called sebum, an all-natural moisturizer to keep those locks glowing & growing.


Call it your go-to hair repair kit. Zinc improves damaged skin and hair, all while working overtime to keep the oil around hair glands and follicles working properly.

Natural All-Around Beauty Boosters

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil


The latest beauty craze, and with good reason! All natural CBD, a superstar ingredient or compound found in cannabis, works to reduce stress and improve sleep, without the high. Better sleep = No more unhealthy hair loss. The CBD in our Hemp Hair Care Gummies comes from high-powered Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. This pure oil is extracted from the hemp plant, and has many benefits for hair growth. Versatile, safe and 100% vegan, we love this secret ingredient for its rejuvenating and re-energizing beauty benefits.

Lucky for you, almost all of our products feature these hair boosting secret ingredients. Let’s get growing shall we?