8 Expert Tips for Healthy Hair This Autumn8 Expert Tips for Healthy Hair This Autumn

8 Expert Tips for Healthy Hair This Autumn

Apple picking, pumpkin spice, flannel — there’s plenty to love about the cozy autumn season. Sweater weather, not to mention wearing cute hats, can also create trouble for your tresses. Fortunately, you can “fall” for the wonders of the season without wreaking havoc on your hair. 

Read on for a list of pro tips to keep your hair healthy and looking its best this autumn. Plus, find out what you can do to get healthier, fuller-looking hair for the season ahead and beyond

1. Tap Into Texture

Autumn apparel is all about woven and knit textural elements. Also trending? Extending that texture to your hair this season. 

“This fall, we are seeing lots of bouncy, voluminous curls, which can be achieved in numerous ways,” said stylist Justin Block of Salon YOSHIKO at Bergdorf Goodman. “The popular blow-dry styling brush is handy for getting that professional blowout look at home. Or, go with classic heat rollers, which can be tricky to get the hang of, but once you do, they are a game-changer for volume and all-day bounce.”

2. Go Heatless and Wake Up to Waves

Skip the hot tools and score heatless curls as you sleep. This overnight styling secret allows you to maximize and multitask, setting heat-free texture while you get your beauty rest. 

“Heatless curls have taken the internet by storm,” said Block. “And they can be achieved with a pair of thick socks or a belt from your robe!”

Block explained how to get the look in 3 simple steps:

  1. “Start simply using the top, front pieces of hair.”
  2. “Moving section by section, wrap hair around the sock or robe belt.”
  3. “Go to sleep and wake up with bouncy curls!”

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3. Use Rollers to Amplify Volume 

You can also elevate the full-bodied, voluminous look using a classic styling trick: Volumizing Velcro rollers. 

“If TikTok trends aren’t your thing, Velcro rollers also do the job,” said Block. “Roll each section, making sure to hold the hair vertically to ensure optimum bond on the roots and thus providing more body. Hit them with some hairspray and a quick blast of heat with the hair dryer to set the curl in place. Another good rule of thumb (especially if you’re not sure how long to leave the rollers in) is to set the rollers, put on your makeup and get dressed. Remove the rollers once you’re ready, gently run your fingers through your hair, and you’re ready to go.”

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4. Avoid Overwashing Your Hair

For many hair types, lathering up daily isn’t a necessity. Instead of washing each day, use GRO Dry Shampoo to revive and refresh your hair. The do-it-all formula not only bolsters texture and volume, but it also absorbs oils and perspiration, balances the scalp and supports a healthy hair ecosystem. 

Pro tip: Mist dry shampoo on the inside of your hat or shower cap to give your hair a much-needed reset in between washes. 

“A great tip to spruce up a blowout (when you are showering and not rewashing your hair) is to spray dry shampoo, set your hair on rollers and cover with a shower cap,” said Block. “The heat and steam from the shower will help to set the hair once again.”

5. Add Supplements to Your Self-Care Routine

There’s no better time than the change of seasons to get ahead of the game when it comes to boosting your immunity — and your skin and hair health, too! 

6. Opt for Accessories

“Hair accessories are also big this fall, so stock up on headbands, bows and fun clips,” said Block. “A high pony with a simple bow can elevate any look, especially when we start to bundle up in the colder months.”

7. Cleanse and Condition With Extra TLC

Just like your skincare routine has needs that vary each season, so does your hair! Cooler temperatures can lead to dryness, static-cling and flyaways, making how and what you use to shampoo and condition your hair all the more important. Plus, wearing hats can potentially irritate the scalp. 

Cleanse, condition and soothe your scalp and strands with GRO+ Advanced Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner. The pair utilizes micro-encapsulated hemp that penetrates deep below the scalp surface to calm irritation, while Karmatin™ bonds to, repairs and strengthens hair strands — lasting until the next time you lather, rinse and repeat!

8. Maximize Moisture and “Fall” Back in Love With Your Hair!

Finally, practice patience when transitioning tresses from season to season. After the summer heat, your hair may be extra parched and craving moisture. Quench your hair’s thirst with extra hydration by utilizing a nourishing, natural Pure Marula Oil that can also be used on your skin and nails!

As the Seasons Change, So Should Your Hair Care Routine

Make the most of the seasonal changes by adapting your autumn hair habits to match your hair’s unique needs. Doing so will help transform your hair to look and feel better than ever!



Photo credit: Altea Alessandroni/Pexels

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