More often than not we spend a lot of time thinking about our hair products, and not the water we’re washing our hair with. Actually, it’s likely a rare occasion that we think about said water at all. To be fair, nailing down the right hair care routine involves a lot of trial and error, so who can blame you for not taking an extra step? We hear you. But — your showerhead can really, really affect the health of your hair.

We know that isn’t what you want to hear, and your showerhead probably wasn’t the first thing on your mind when you signed the lease or mortgage for your current place, but it’s the truth. Hard water is a thing. What we mean by hard water is water that isn’t going through a proper filtration process and directly getting onto our hair, and deeper into our scalps. The negative thing about this is that there’s a lot of bacteria and chemicals living in this so-called “hard” water, and these aren’t the types of things we want touching our hair or scalp at all. Not ever. So, what is all of this bad stuff you’re wondering? Well, for starters, one of the biggest culprits is chlorine which does live in our showers if unfiltered. The others include rust and filthy metals from the actual showerheads themselves, and calcium, magnesium, and overall scum. We know — it sounds scary and gross, but we care about you and your hair too much to not give you the facts.

The good news is, this isn’t something you have to deal with and you can solve this issue with the swap of your showerhead. Many brands have taken the harmful effects into consideration and have produced showerheads that are safer for your skin and overall hair wellness with stronger filtration systems. Some have gone as far to claim that their showerheads and filters will improve your breathing, while others promise to reduce frizz and promote shiny, healthy hair. For a full list of showerheads and filters that will improve the state of your hair, see below.

T3 Micro Source Showerhead Mineral Water Filter

t3 micro source showerhead filters hard water for healthy hair

According to the manufacturer, this showerhead can help reduce frizz and flyaways by removing chlorine, odors, and other unwanted stuff from the water.

Raindrops Luxe Filter with Showerhead

raindrops luxe filters hard water for healthy hair

The Raindrops Luxe Filter removes chlorine and heavy metals from your shower water - plus, the showerhead is efficient and can help you use less water (and save on your water bill!).

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Filter System


This shower filter system reduces chlorine and also claims to help balance the pH of shower water for happier hair and skin.

Aquabliss Universal Shower Filter

aquabliss universal shower filters hard water for healthy hair

For the easiest way to reduce chlorine and other contaminants on this list, the Aquabliss shower filter screws right in where your old showerhead used to be.

Invigorated Water Showerhead Filter with Vitamin C

vitamin C showerhead filters hard water for healthy hair

To filter chlorine and turn your shower into a citrus-scented hair haven, try this filter with Vitamin C.