If you’re interested in haircare, you’ve likely invested in a high-quality shampoo or conditioner, but you can take a step further with VEGAMOUR supplements. Created to support whole-body wellness for healthier hair, our supplements use only vegan, cruelty-free, natural ingredients, unlike many other competing supplements. 

Read on to find the VEGAMOUR gummy, capsule or supplement powder that's right for you. Plus, learn more about the best supplements to support whole-body wellness and thicker, fuller-looking hair.

GRO Biotin Gummies

Get your daily dose of hair wellness with GRO Biotin Gummies, which are as tasty as they are good for you. Each pink, heart-shaped, strawberry-flavored gummy is fortified with essential nutrients, such as:

  • 5000 mcg of biotin (that’s 16,666% of your daily value), an essential building block for hair health that aids in hair production, as well as skin, eye, liver and brain function.
  • Folic acid, zinc and other key minerals that help neutralize free radicals, to support and stimulate new cell generation and keratin production, which can encourage healthier, visibly thicker hair.
  • Vitamins A, B-5, -6 and -12, C and E to support fuller-looking, radiant hair.

How to use: For best results, take one gummy per day. They're vegan and made with natural flavors, a delicious addition to your self-care routine. Plus, they’re available in multi-pack, so you can stock up and save in the long run. Trust us—you won't want to skip a day!

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GRO+ Advanced Gummies

Tap into the therapeutic power of CBD, the bonus ingredient in GRO+ Advanced Gummies, which include the same other key nutrients found in GRO Biotin Gummies plus 10 mg CBD and 10 mg CBG per gummy. Amp up the stress-busting, skin- and scalp-soothing benefits with the first hair wellness vitamins that include:

  • Broad-spectrum hemp oil, with healing properties to help combat thinning hair and poor hair health where it starts: at the roots.
  • Micro-encapsulated, broad-spectrum CBD, to help heal, soothe and calm the skin and scalp, creating an environment that supports healthier hair follicles to encourage growth.

How to use: Take one vegan, naturally fruit-flavored gummy supplement per day for a calming and delicious dietary boost that works to prevent hair thinning and supports healthy looking hair.

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GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement + Probiotic

GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement + Probiotic

Support your hair health, gut health and immune system by powering up with probiotics. Single-serving GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement + Probiotic supplement powders are ultra-portable and easy to use. With no added sugar and just 5 calories (or less) per serving and no added sugar, you can sip your way to wellness with these drink mix packets while traveling, at the office, gym or anywhere else on-the-go. Essential nutrients include:

  • Essential vitamins A, B, C, E, and zinc, minerals, adaptogens and more key nutrients, to encourage a healthy gut microbiome, immunity and circulation.
  • 50 million CFU probiotics to support healthy keratin and collagen production, promoting visibly thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair.
  • Saw palmetto, which has been clinically shown to help inhibit the production of DHT to support healthy hair.
  • Curcumin from turmeric and piperine from black pepper extract create a highly bioavailable antioxidant that has been shown in clinical studies to reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals, supporting a healthy scalp.
  • Ashwagandha, an adrenal adaptogen that has been shown to help lower cortisol levels and promote healthy sleep.
  • Fo-ti, which activates the gene that triggers protein synthesis in hair follicles.
  • Horsetail root, a powerful antioxidant that contains selenium and cysteine, helping improve circulation for optimal hair and scalp health.

How to use: Stir GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement + Probiotic into water or add to a smoothie or juice. With an array of vegan, naturally flavored options—mixed berry, peach mango, cacao and mixed green tea, your taste buds won't get bored!

Save on Supplements

When you’re taking dietary supplements, daily use is a huge part of your success. Avoid skipping or missing your daily supplement—or running out—when you sign up to subscribe and save! Your favorite supplements will be pre-scheduled to show up at your door just when you need them, with significant savings, too.

Whether you choose a powder, gummy, capsules or, better yet, a combination of a few, there’s a VEGAMOUR supplement for everyone. Set yourself up for hair care success by incorporating our best-selling hair serum and other hair wellness products to start on the path to healthier, happier hair. 


Disclaimer: Information in this article is intended for general informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician.