One topic that the internet can never get enough of is celebrity beauty — particularly celebrity hair changes. We love seeing a good hair transformation ourselves, and celebrities always surprise us whether it’s on or off the red carpet. Beauty and hair trends are everchanging and the hair on their heads isn’t the only thing that celebrities tend to experiment with. Have you thought about the way that eyebrows have changed over the last few decades?

Today, we’re used to seeing thick, fluffy, or perfectly filled-in eyebrows everywhere we go. Back in the ‘90s, thin and relatively straight eyebrows were all the rage. Because of these trends, some of our favorite celebrities today seem almost unrecognizable from their past brow styles. From supermodels to actresses, an eyebrow change has touched almost every face in Hollywood. Here, VEGAMOUR is sharing some of the most memorable brow makeovers to date.


beyonce celebrity eyebrow transformation before

beyonce eyebrow transformation after

Photo via @beyonce

When first starting out in her solo career, Beyoncé had some very prominent arches. Her brows were very angled and had a fierce, strong look to them from every angle. Today’s her brows have a slight arch and more of a curved shape.

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Kim Kardashian West

kim kardashian eyebrow transformation before

kim kardashian eyebrow transformation after

 Photo via @kimkardashian 

We have to admit that Kim has some of the best brows out there, and that’s because she’s been perfecting them for years. In her earlier days, Kim’s brows were thin and barely filled-in. Now we see her with her arches as thick as can be and always filled to perfection.

Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez celebrity eyebrow transformation before

jennifer lopez eyebrow transformation after

Photo via @jlo

The same goes for J.Lo. As she embarked on her musical journey, her brows transformed with her. In typical 90s/early 2000s fashion, Lopez rocked a thin brow with a heavy touch of a brown pencil. She might still rock brown brows today, but hers are now a lot thicker and even longer.

Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz

salma hayek penelope cruz eyebrow transformation before

salma hayek penelope cruz eyebrow transformation after

Photo via @salmahayek 

As the two took over Hollywood in the ‘90s they both had some bold sets of brows. Thin eyebrows were very “in” back then, and so were higher arches. Today, the duo is seen with thicker, feather-like brows.

Angelina Jolie

 angelina jolie eyebrow transformation before

angelina jolie eyebrow transformation after

Photo via @angelinajolie

As one of the world’s biggest beauty icons, it’s no surprise that Angelina Jolie made the list. Her eyebrows were thinner and shorter when she stepped out onto the red carpet, with just a hint of color. Angie’s glam squad now makes the starlet’s arches reach much longer without the sparse area in sight.

Bella Hadid

bella hadid eyebrow transformation before

bella hadid eyebrow transformation after

Photo via @bellahadid 

The supermodel has experienced one of the biggest beauty transformations of her generation. From her California girl days to gracing runways in Milan, Hadid’s brows have changed with her. She used to have fairly straight brows that were shaped right across her face, and now she rocks a subtle arch with a lot more thickness.

Lady Gaga

lady gaga eyebrow transformation before

lady gaga celebrity eyebrow transformation

Photo via @ladygaga

Gaga is the queen of experimenting with just about anything. Her eyebrows are no exception and she has switched them up on more than one occasion. One standout moment for us is when the Star Is Born actress rocked blonde eyebrows before coloring them back to dark brown.

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