How to Apply VEGAMOUR's HYDR-8 Weightless Repair OilHow to Apply VEGAMOUR's HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

How to Apply VEGAMOUR's HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

Hair oils can help hydrate dry, dull hair while controlling frizz and enhancing shine. However, the thought of using hair oil might sound counterintuitive if you have fine or thin hair. After all, the last thing you want is to weigh your hair down, leaving it looking and feeling greasy and flat.

Fortunately, there's a new way to free your hair from worries of added weight and pesky frizz: Introducing our frizz-fighting, shine-enhancing HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil which is formulated without silicones and designed for all hair types and textures — especially fine or thin hair. 

Keep reading to learn how to apply the hair oil and find out what other products you should really be using to achieve radiant, fuller-looking hair.

What Is Hair Oil?

Typically, hair oil is used as a shine-infusing styling tool, helping to manage flyaways, control frizz, detangle and hydrate. Hair oil may also be blended with vitamin E, carrier or essential oils for those prone to frizz or dryness wishing to protect the cuticle layer. Lightweight oils high in fatty acids, including coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, argan oil or marula oil, are used at room temperature or warmed up. 

The potential pitfall: silicone-based hair oils don't actually moisturize or repair your hair and might make it fall flat or feel overly slick. 

The good news is that HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil is formulated without silicones, which can weigh hair down, especially fine or thin hair. It's designed to help hair be smooth, frizz-free and ultra-radiant — without feeling or looking like an oil slick.

Here's Exactly How to Apply HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

Best of all, it's so easy to apply HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil! It's an ideal addition to your routine, no matter your hair type or texture, and especially great for fine and thin hair. A bonus is its fast-absorbing formula, which can be applied on damp or dry hair, so you can use it whenever and wherever you choose. 

Instantly strengthen, seal in split ends, fight flyaways and frizz, boost moisture, enhance shine and smooth strands with the ultra-hydrating hair oil. The result? A seamless, natural-looking, weightless radiance you'll love. 

Here's how to apply the natural, nourishing hair oil:

  1. Pump HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil into palms. Start with 1 pump and add more as needed. You can try using 1 pump for fine hair, 1-2 pumps for medium hair and 2-3 pumps for thick hair. 
  2. Rub palms together to evenly distribute.
  3. Run hands through hair to apply the hair oil.
  4. Focus on distributing hair oil on mid-lengths to ends. 
  5. Use HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil on damp or dry hair to encourage smooth, hydrated, high-shine strands anytime your hair needs a boost. 

In a controlled hair swatch study, the hair oil promotes 96% more shine, 92% reduction in breakage and 72 hours of hydration and frizz reduction.

VEGAMOUR's HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil

Effortless, Effective, Eco-Friendly: What Sets HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil Apart

Forgo the potentially harmful, heavy silicones in favor of pampering your hair with natural nourishment. HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil's deeply hydrating, beneficial phyto-active ingredients include:

  • Marula Oil: Smooths, hydrates and nourishes.
  • Vitamin C Oil: Minimizes frizz and provides antioxidant benefits.
  • Sacha Inchi and Chia Seed Oil Blend: Seals split ends and adds shine.

Bonus: An inviting, spicy, warm cardamom and herbaceous clary sage scent infused with notes of sweet vanilla and cedarwood will transform your at-home self-care into a spa-like experience!

And remember to recycle your eco-friendly bottle when finished. Simply unscrew the pump and place it in the trash. Rinse the glass bottle and recycle with like materials. Be sure to check your state and local recycling guidelines for specific instructions.

Finally, the 'Weight' is Over — Say Hello to Stronger, Shinier & Healthier-Looking Hair

Make parched, dry, lackluster hair a thing of the past. For optimal results, combine HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Oil in tandem with the moisture-richHYDR-8 collection, featuring VEGAMOUR's vegan alternative to keratin & silicone,Karmatin™, which bonds to hair follicles and remains attached to strands, immediately supporting stronger, smoother, visibly thicker, fuller-looking hair!


Disclaimer: Information in this article is intended for general informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician.