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10 Tips for Growing Your Hair in Time for Your Wedding

Wedding planning is one of the most exciting times of your life, but as any bride knows, it’s also super stressful! You want everything to be perfect, from your dress to your relative’s behavior, so it can be a struggle to keep all the details under control.

One thing not to stress about? Growing out your hair. We’ve put together an easy list of our top 10 tips for stress-free wedding hair growth — plus, what products you should use to support healthier looking hair.

1. Nourish Your Body

Many brides prep for their wedding day by changing up their diets — but undertaking a crash diet that might be missing essential nutrients is one of the worst things you can do to your strands!

Make sure you’re nourishing your body by “eating the rainbow,” taking in healthy fruits and veggies of every hue. That and plenty of protein are the keys to supporting your body in pre-wedding wellness and hair growth. 

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2. Add a Supplement

Want to make sure you’re getting the essential minerals you need for hair health without adding another thing to plan to your list? The answer is an easy and tasty hair-friendly supplement.

Consider GRO Biotin Gummies, a supplement that contains biotin and other essential vitamins for hair health like A, C and E, plus zinc, for the easiest boost to hair health. Simply pop your supplement each day at breakfast, and go about your day. 

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3. Work Out the Hair-Healthy Way

You’re probably working out for your wedding — and good news, your recommended half-hour of elevated heart rate per day is essential for the health of your hair.

A boosted heartbeat helps lower DHT levels in the body and supports increased blood flow throughout the body, including to the scalp! So hair follicles are nourished, supplied with oxygen and ready to support hair growth.

4. Use the Right Products

While they can be convenient to pick up at a moment’s notice, many drugstore products can contain harsh ingredients like alcohol and chemicals that can stress out your hair, causing split ends and other types of damage along the strands. The result? A serious setback to your hair-growth goals.

Swap out potentially strand-damaging products with a revitalizing shampoo and conditioner that are free of chemicals like sulfates and silicones, which can undermine the wellness of your growing hair.

5. Show Your Hair Follicles Some Love

Getting a nice scalp massage from your spouse-to-be at the end of the day is a great way to bond. And as it turns out, it’s super great for hair health as well: The hair follicles at your scalp are responsible for all hair growth, and a massage helps stretch them, while stimulating hair growth. For even better results, apply a hair serum designed to encourage visibly thicker and fuller hair to your roots before the massage begins. 

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6. Skip the High-Stress Hairstyles

We all love a good updo, but spending too much time with your hair in a high pony can cause serious damage to your strands.

If you’re growing out your hair, it’s worth learning some protective styles, like loose braids and low ponies, which can help give your scalp a break. And investing in a set of no-damage hair scrunchies will take even more stress off your strands.

7. Nourish Your Microbiome

Tasting wedding cakes, checking out caterers, drinking at bach parties and running around town means wedding planning can take a serious toll on your gut health! And while the connection may surprise you, a healthy gut microbiome supports hair health.

8. Beat The Heat

There are probably a ton of glamorous, labor-intensive wedding hairstyles you want to try out. But if they involve a heat-styling tool like a straightener, curling wand or hair dryer, you may be doing your strands some damage.

Overuse of heat styling tools can dry out hair, weakening the shaft and making hair more prone to breakage. If you can’t skip heat styling, invest in a professional grade tool with a temperature gauge to make sure you don’t overdo it! 

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9. Stick to a Routine 

When it comes to establishing a hair wellness routine, consistency is key. If you’re switching up your products every month, you’re not giving them time to give you the results you’re dreaming of.

Invest in a hair wellness subscription to help you keep stocked up. Plus, remember that you need to stick with your new products for three to four months before you can see visible results. When it comes to achieving perfect wedding hair, it can pay off to be patient!

10. Don’t Let Wedding Stress Drive You Crazy

Last but not least, we know it’s tempting to get swept up in the stress of wedding planning, but don’t let it get to you. Stress causes hair shed and can seriously set back your growth goals.

If it all gets to be too much, try taking a break. Go for a walk with your sweetheart in nature, or take time to meditate alone and focus on gratitude. Remembering that you’re marrying the love of your life, for better or worse, good hair days and bad, will help you relax in no time.


Photo credit: Vadim Paripa/Unsplash

Disclaimer: Information in this article is intended for general informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician.