If you want to achieve hair wellness, you should pay closer attention to your scalp. While we’re more fixated on our actual strands, the truth lies in our scalp’s health and moisture level. A dry, flaky, or itchy scalp can’t help encourage healthy, lively hair — they must go hand-in-hand. You should care for yourself the same way you would care for your skin (seriously, ask any dermatologist!). It’s not exactly pleasant to think about your scalp leaving dry, white particles all over your clothes as the day goes on, but if that’s something you’re noticing, take care of it ASAP. If you’re not sure how to give your scalp the extra TLC it deserves, keep on reading.

Your Scalp Just As Important As Your Skin

Caring for your scalp involves just as much effort as you’d put into your everyday skincare routine. Yes, you read that right. If you think about it, your scalp is technically skin too. So, why wouldn’t care for it just the same? We’re not saying you have to do a 10-step nighttime skincare routine on your head, but we are saying it goes well past a rinse every other day. A dry, flaky scalp isn’t a healthy scalp and a clogged, extra-oily scalp isn’t a healthy scalp either. Amp up your scalp-care routine, because yes that’s a thing, and take it from there. We’ll dive deeper into the specifics later in this piece.

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Your Scalp Teaches You About Your Hair

The healthier your scalp is, the healthier your hair is — no matter the texture. Whether you have super fine hair, or tightly coiled hair, you should be making sure that your scalp is healthy, hydrated, and nourished with every wash. If you notice that your hair is dull, flat, limp, or just not in its best shape, take the time to analyze your scalp a little extra that day. Chances are that you’ll notice your scalp is lacking some hydration and you might even experience some flakiness. It’s nothing to worry about, but definitely something to handle as soon as you can. Do a pre-shampoo treatment such as applying a detoxifying scalp serum, followed by a nourishing rinse, indulge in a hair mask that’ll penetrate deep into the layers of your scalp, and once it’s all dry add hair serum for thicker hair into the mix. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better afterwards and your hair will look twice as good.

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Caring for Your Scalp Means Investing In Better Products

GRO Hair Serum

It goes without saying that once you familiarize yourself with your hair’s health, you’ll learn to buy the right products. You’ll learn what triggers dryness and flakes in your scalp, along with which ingredients promote hydration, moisture, prevent breakage, etc. If you would only use a shampoo and conditioner in the past, now may be the time for you to stock up on a tea tree oil treatment to nourish your scalp. You may also want to try an invigorating treatment such as a scrub with ingredients like apple cider vinegar or charcoal, to help lift impurities and really get a fresh start. If you’ve found that your scalp is often irritated, you’ll want to look for soothing products infused with rosemary, cedar, sage, or peppermint to help kickstart the healing process.

Lastly, if there have been signs of thinning hair and breakage directly from your scalp, our Volumizing Hair Serum has delivered some impressive results. Another great addition to your routine is our new scalp serum, which can be used as a clarifying treatment and paired with the VEGAMOUR serums you already have. These are just some of the things you could do to take better care of both your scalp and your strands, but it’s definitely an area to pay much closer attention to.

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Scalp Care Is Self Care

We know it can be easy to ignore your scalp but caring for it as you would care for the skin on your face will pay dividends in the long run. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair so it's important you don't spend all your time on one only to ignore the other. Give yourself some self care with a daily scalp massage (which can actually help with hair growth) using the pads of your fingers or better yet, a scalp massager designed exactly for this purpose. Go on — spoil yourself!