If there’s one thing that can make you look like a million bucks almost instantly, it’s having long, lush and perfectly curled eyelashes. Unfortunately for some, this isn’t always easy to achieve. The good news: there are a few tried-and-true ways to make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller—and it doesn’t involve eyelash extensions that can make your lashes fall out in the long run!

1. Use a Lash Primer

Makeup primers are designed to smooth out your skin’s surface and make your makeup last longer. But primers are not just for your foundation. Just like makeup primers, lash primers are designed to coat your natural lashes, allowing your mascara to glide smoother and making your lashes appear thicker and fuller. They also keep your mascara from flaking and smudging, even in humid conditions. Some primers also boast nourishing ingredients that make your lashes stronger and prevent them from falling out, so keep an eye out for those! 

2. Don’t Just Use ANY Mascara

Mascara’s are great for accentuating your eyes and making them appear bigger and more awake, but not all mascaras are created equal. The best ones out there have short, comb-like bristles and highly pigmented formulas that add lash-lengthening nutrients. To apply, glide your mascara evenly on freshly curled lashes from root to tip—and don’t wiggle! 

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3. Take Vitamins—for Your Lashes

For something that’s more long term, elevate your daily lash regimen with a volumizing lash serum. Just as you would use a serum for your face, you can use a serum on your eyelash to ensure you are nourishing and stimulating your hair follicles to encourage growth, as well as strengthening the lash strands to prevent breakage and fallout.

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As these three lash-enhancing products need to be applied every day to achieve faster and consistent results, make sure the formulas you use don’t contain potentially harmful ingredients that could irritate your eyes, or hormones that could cause long-term side effects. If you’re on the market for clinically proven lash enhancers, check out VEGAMOUR’s 100% vegan formulas.