What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? If you don’t have one yet, now is the time to experiment. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new looks for a more effortless, laid back vibe. Hot, humid weather can make doing your hair feel like an impossible feat. These hairstyles will instantly make you relaxed and lighter during warmer months. Read on to find your go-to style for gorgeous hair this summer.

Perfect Ponytail

The perfect summer ponytail is a no effort look that suits all hair types. It is the ultimate hairstyle on a scorching hot summer day or for your second-day hair. Slick back flyaway hairs with our ultra-hydrating Marula Oil and tie in a colorful scarf for an airy, bohemian look.

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Half-Up Knot

The simple and effortless half-up knot looks great no matter your hair type or length you have (unless it’s very short!). All you need is a few pins or a hair tie, and a flexible hairspray to keep flyaways in place. If you have naturally soft or fine hair, try using a texturizing spray at your roots before styling into a half-up knot.

Air-Dried Beach Waves

This one is for all the lucky women with long, luscious locks. Beach waves are the perfect undone summer hairstyle for you! Reminiscent of a day spent at the beach, this hairstyle definitely screams effortless and chic at the same time. Accessorize with a headband if you want to take this look to the next level. Add a volumizing hair foam to your roots to really take this look to the next level. 

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Low-Rolled Updo

We love the chic-meets-casual look of this low rolled updo that’s perfect for summer date night. Believe it or not, this look is super easy to create at home in just a few steps. To master this style, begin with a loose, low ponytail. Part hair above the hair tie and then pull the pony up and through into a topsy. Repeat previous step into another topsy. Use your index finger and wrap another topsy to create the roll. Continue to roll until you run out of ponytail. Fasten under the roll with bobby pins until it feels secure and spray with desired hold to finish. Ta-da!

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Woven Ponytail 

All you need to pull off this elegant ponytail is a few minutes and some clear elastic bands. Click here to read the step-by-step guide for recreating this gorgeous look at home. If you want to add some volume before styling, start by teasing your roots with a fine-tooth comb to create some shape.

Waterfall Braid

Whether you’re going to a music festival or a romantic evening date, this breezy summer look has a way of making your hair look dreamier than ever. Try the waterfall braid with mermaid waves, and we promise you won’t regret it! Check out this tutorial to learn how to master the perfect braid for summer. 

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Messy Undone Updo

This easy hairstyle has been Hailer Beiber’s go-to style and we can see why.
It’s effortless, chic, and only takes a few minutes to create. Think of it as a slightly elevated bun but it’s way easier to execute.

All you need to create this look is a hair tie, a few bobby pins, and an imagination. Just have fun and play around with this style until you find a height and messiness that works for you. That’s it! 


Tousled Waves

This style is great for the woman who loves to wear her hair down but hates dealing with the humidity that comes along with summer.

Simply let your hair air dry after a wash and run your favorite leave-in conditioner to give your locks a silky, touchable finish. Or better yet, just add your favorite hair balm to dry hair and tousle your hair to give it body and texture. Easy, huh? 

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Over the Top Flower Accessories

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love sporting some fun flower hair clips every now and again? But for this summer, let’s take it up a notch…
Designers such as Marc Jacobs have been seen leading this trend all over the catwalk, and we love it!

At Missoni’s Spring ‘20 show, for instance, hair was wrapped and pinned around the stem to create a floral French twist that would be stunning for a summer wedding.
It’s flirty, adds a pop of color to our hairstyle, and the best part is that it takes less than a minute to do!

Whether you’re sporting a braid, ponytail, or a simple bun, try incorporating some flowers into your next hairstyle to give you that ethereal, pixy look. 

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Braided Pigtails

Remember the pigtails you used to sport in elementary school? Well, they’re back! We’ve seen brands such Max Mara and Dior showcase this endearing hairstyle on recent catwalks and we can’t get enough!

It’s easier to create than a french braid and works on any type or length of hair.
Simply create the loose or tight pigtails of your choice, and voila, you’re summer ready!

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Glass Hair

Glass hair has been a trend that many celebrities have been rocking this year. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Jessica Alba are all fans of this look. Curled hair with straight ends looks outdated. Why not freshen up your hair with the sleek, modern twist to the classic style.

First, it’s important to start with healthy hair. After all, to achieve glossy ‘glass’ hair, you’ll have to tackle the issue at the root of the source. Start by taking multivitamins or biotin supplements to help your hair grow long and lush.

Taken daily, vitamins and biotin supplements can help hair grow faster and longer. You’ll be amazed at how full and thick your hair looks after just a few weeks.

Next, to achieve this look, we recommend using a professional flat iron and a heat protectant to protect your hair against damage. Finish this look with your favorite finishing spray and there you have it. Glass hair that will be the envy of the town.

So there you have it! Easy hairstyles that any woman can try this summer to showcase gorgeous, healthy hair.


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